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Professional Summary

This kind of report gives a descriptive research of the company structure and culture that exists on the Training and Productivity Specialist of Fiji (TPAF). That goes additional on to analyze leadership and communications while two difficult behavioral elements at TPAF that could be resolved to improve company performance and concludes by simply detailing suggestions that can be carried out to bring about these improvements. Info for the report was gathered from your organization's site and published reports, personal observation and reference elements available throughout the USC on-line library. The report determines that TPAF's organization structure is what is commonly referred to as a bureaucracy with functional departmentalization and high levels of standardization. Although TPAF has its own set of values that it would like the employees to practice, in reality another type of work traditions exists which can be reluctant to adoption of changes. Command and interaction issues have been identified as problematic areas that TPAF may address in order to improve it organizational functionality. Streamlining with the decision making operations, adoption of transformational management traits by simply TPAF managers, interdepartmental meetings and better vertical and horizontal marketing communications are some of the recommendations that TPAF may adopt in order to improve the performance.



Executive Summaryii

Introduction you

Part We: TPAF's Behavioral Characteristics

The Organization Structure2

The business Culture6

Component II: Analysis of Challenging Behavioral Sizes

Behavioral Sizing 1: Command Issues in TPAF9

Behavioral Dimension you: Communication Concerns at TPAF11


Component III: Suggestions

Strategies for Organizational Improvement for TPAF14

References 17


The Training and Productivity Power of Fiji (TPAF) can be described as statutory organization established by the Parliament with the Republic from the Fiji Islands under the Schooling & Efficiency Authority of Fiji Take action of 2002 and works the former Fiji National Schooling Council (FNTC); (, 03, 2007). These was established in 1973 throughout the Fiji Nationwide Training Work, Cap 93 with a view to addressing skill shortages in the area through supply of vocational training.

With this report we will be outlining TPAF's key behavioral characteristics with strong emphasis on the organization structure and the work culture. We all will then move further and conduct a scientific analysis of two behavioral dimensions which can be causing complications at TPAF and finally all of us will make thorough recommendations on approaches that TPAF can use to bring regarding changes to treat these behavioral issues pertaining to the enhancement of the firm.

The initial part of the report is mainly a descriptive evaluation of the present situation by TPAF as well as the information presented has been collected from TPAF website, gross annual reports and personal observation. The 2nd and third parts are more systematized evaluation and the tests are saved by analysis on posted literature inside the organizational behavior field.

The general aim of the report should be to portray the existing situation in TPAF, evaluate problematic problems that are impeding organizational creation and generate recommendations on tactics that can be applied to address the down sides.

PART I: TPAF's Behavioral Characteristics

The corporation Structure

Overall TPAF's business structure is actually German Sociologist Max Weber labeled a bureaucracy; a business that depended on legal authority, logic and...

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6th. Sabine Boerner,  Silke Astrid Eisenbeiss,  Daniel Griesser.  2007.  Follower Tendencies and Organizational Performance: The Impact of Transformational Leaders.  Journal of Management & Company Studies 13,  no.  3 (January 1):  15-26.

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