Examining Moral Beliefs

 Assessing Meaningful Values Essay

Assessing Ethical Values

Lillie Nephew

PHI 310: Important Thinking

October 03, 2014

Instructor: Doctor Steve Wyre

Assessing Ethical Values

Query One

Is there anything incorrect with porn material?

Certainly, I believe that pornography is completely wrong. With Christian father and mother and which has a cultural history that educates pornography as being a sexual bad thing and a taboo within my social. This is a behavioral leading to attitudes where men viewer are definitely more aggressive and brings about various other sexual desires such as masturbating, Pedophilia and lead to offense as child molestation and rape. It truly is addictive and damaging to relationship, matrimony, and decrease of trust. Porn material is a thing that gets into the core to be a man in which he cannot keep control over him self. Supporting my own reasons of thoughts are as subsequent: Reason a single: It is a sex sin. In Matthew five: 28, from the Living Bible (TLB), Jesus said " Anyone who also looks at a lady with lust in his eyesight has already determined adultery with her in the heart. ” It takes your inner power, that when the eyes appear, the human hormones are turned on and the head is sunk in a imagination world. It makes no different should you know the person or not really; lust is not connected to a relationship. Reason two: It is habit forming and can result in crime. I really believe that after taking a look at pornography that if the desire is over wining that it will lead to child molestation, rape, and child porn material. Reason three: It is degrading to girls. Women are taken as a subject, that the men viewer of pornography is definitely aggressive that they can don't know the pain and suffering with their victims that they take advantage of. Partner's viewer of pornography often abuse their particular wife because of not giving them the sexual desires they observe and wish from watching/viewing pornography possibly on internet or magazine. Reason four: That brings in physical, mental, and psychological stress, that might lead to family members break up. This leads to economic crises both equally for the viewer and family. The viewer provides a need to support his addiction to buy spend on his pornography activity. My personal thoughts and evaluation of this question originates from psychological theory, " due to my meaning upbringing has become intelligent, empathic, and fair-minded, then our notion can serve as a fairly sound moral compass to ascertain right and wrong” (Chaffee, 2010, p. 377). Throughout the biblical teaching there is one other aspect of theory that has successful my pondering, which leads me personally to my mortal benefit as Keen Command theory view " holds that we now have absolute moral principles that all humans ought to follow and these rules are based on the Supreme Being that created them” (Chaffee, 2010, p. 378). There is also a third theory that helps my considering, which is the ethic of justice since it states that " the intentions or perhaps motivations at the rear of an action, not really the consequences” (Chaffee, 2010, p. 387). I believe these pornography audiences are a threat to the society that criminal offenses is dedicated, not thinking about the consequences or penalty. In conclusion, my idea is very well supported and fit together effectively through my mortal beliefs and theories. Pornography isn't just wrong, there are consequences that lead to criminal activities and burning off the most worth things is obviously, such as your self respect, pride, self-control and your family (White, 2014). It is an addicting problem that may be hard to overcome, when it takes control of your mind and inner power (Olson, d. d). Mainly because we are a society that is so dependent on technology and entertainment we could becoming desensitized and this is usually reflective within our relationship (Anderson, 2009).


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