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 Essay on Aum Shinrikyo

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Aum Shinrikyo

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There are numerous cults, not all are terrorists. The Oxford dictionary describes cult as, " ritualistic religious system, devotion to a person or thing. ” The FBI's definition of terrorism is " the against the law use of pressure or violence against individuals or property to intimidate or force a govt, the civilian population, or any type of segment thereof, in promotion of personal or social objectives. ” Aum Shinrikyo (or Aum Supreme Truth) is the name of a terrorist cult operating in Japan, though the cult is now regarded by the brand Aleph. The group is considered a cult due to the fact there is a combination of different belief devices which include Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Shamanism and New Age. Aum Shinrikyo is considered a terrorist organization as a result of previous activities and their engagement in various episodes, and for past attempts to work with chemical and biological guns on blameless people. This paper covers the application of the group, the setting of the market leaders, their actions and countries where they can be located. It will likewise cover all their present status and precisely what is being done in the area they are living.

Shoko Asahara

On 03 2, 1955 Shoko Asahara was born within a remote area called Chizuo Matsumoto situated in southern Asia. He was born in a huge but poor family of mat makers. Affected by birth with glaucoma, having been totally sightless in the left eye and partially in the right. Asahara attended a school for the blind, at the age of twenty-two (1977) he managed to graduate and proceeded to study Traditional chinese medicine in the field of acupuncture treatment. This was a regular trade pertaining to the impaired. In 1978 he married a college graduate, who later started to be a senior leader of Aum. Asahara was imprisoned in 1981 for practicing pharmacy with out a license; having been convicted and fined two hundred, 000 yen. Religious Quest

While working to support his family Asahara would commit all his free time to recruit followers, study Chinese language astrology and Taoism. Tao which means " the way” or " the path” of life is a mixture of related philosophical and religious practices. He later visited the Himalayas in 1987 to study Buddhist and Hindu theories. He met several crucial religious frontrunners, including the Dalai Lama, and studied pilates. Asahara came back from his visit to India and up to date his supporters that he had reached his ultimate target to be the initially " educated one” since Buddha. During that same year Asahara recognized money from his best disciples which was used to sponsor lengthy seminars on pilates and religious development. These types of seminars attracted many people he decided to make the group official. Asahara changed call him by his name and sent applications for government subscription of the group Aum Shinrikyo.

The Doctrine

View the owner who preached about the finish of the world. Armageddon will begin between 1996 and 2003 when the United States will begin World Warfare III with Japan, which will cause the end of the world and only the Aum associates will survive. Aum projet are also based on the sutras or scriptures from the first Buddhist named, the Pali Canon. " Aum Shinrikyo uses additional texts just like Tibetan sutras, Yoga-Sutra simply by Patanjali, and Taoist scriptures. The sutras are studied together with comments written by Shoko Asahara him self. The learning program (kyogaku system) has a number of stages: simply those who result in a preliminary level may advance to further measures, and only following successfully transferring an assessment. ” ( Aum Shinrikyo accumulated wealth by operating businesses including electronic shops and eating places. Money was also gathered through via shawls by hoda, tithing, and sales of religious literatures. Videotapes, books written by Asahara and also other sources had been sold. The group conducted seminars and hosted courses for associates, offering indoctrination in Aum's teachings, asking...


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