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Sitting in a classroom in the first class is where the class of 2013 is definitely sitting when ever one of the most disastrous acts of the past takes place. It's a normal time, teachers teaching, everyone functioning just as some other day. In New York, the city is hustling and busy as forty five thousand people head into am employed at the World Trade Center. Muslims and People in america alike happen to be enjoying American freedoms yet this was brief. September 11, 2001 was that one damaging day in American background where countless lives had been changes and American tolerance for Muslims and Muslims tolerance for Americans had a severe drop. Life just before September 11, 2001 for Americans and Muslims only will be a memory in a permanent battle between two groups.

Before this tragic function, America was becoming more tolerant of the Islam faith. Only in the the past few years before Sept 11, 2001 were People in america becoming more understanding of this religion. America was based on a Judeo-Christian beliefs and teaching and America was little by little becoming accepting this new beliefs. (1) America is a shedding pot for many different kinds of persons, mixing fresh beliefs, ideas, and ethnicities, and Islam was slowly melting directly into normal day-to-day America. American life was good, going for walks through airport security was a breeze, although religion is often a controversy, People in the usa were understanding of the growing American-Muslim tradition. The initial amendment privileges were being up held, existence before 9/11 was best for the American people, but not perfect in any respect, there was continue to discrimination between Christian religious beliefs and Islam. ______________________________________________________________________________ 1 . Ahmed, Nazeer. " Islam in America – Before 9/11. " History of Islam A great Encyclopedia of Islamic Record. Los Angeles Occasions, 9 98. Web. doze Dec 2012..

Islam foreign nationals were not while tolerated since native Muslims and there was clearly still elegance in America. The lack of American threshold of Muslims is actually among the factors that resulted in the September eleventh attacks. Muslims born in the united states were tolerated and dissolved into society better than migrants. (3) The Muslim persons treated People in the usa hesitantly and were sluggish to trust the American people. This kind of had a lot to do with the culture getting new and growing in America. Muslims did not go around firing people and disturbing the peace several people to believe. Before Sept. 2010 11, 2001 Muslims were moderately tolerant with the American people.

The hijackers were nineteen Muslim men that had been part of Al-Qaeda, ran simply by Osama Rubbish bin Laden. These types of nineteen men boarded three different plane tickets, flight 14 and air travel 175 in Boston Massachusetts, and trip 77 in San Francisco. Air travel 11 hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center, flight 175 hit the South Structure, and trip 77 hit the Pentagon. There was a fourth airline flight that was taken down and landed in Pennsylvania devoid of hitting anything. Total, a couple of, 830 people dies in the World Trade Centre. Most of these victims were civilians on the building. This quantity also includes 343 New York medical personnel; 23 Nyc police officers; 37 Port Expert police officers; ninety two persons in American Air travel 11; and 65 people on Usa Airline Flight a hundred seventy five. (2) 189 people likewise died in the Pentagon assault. This was the turning point intended for American threshold for Muslims because Al-Qaeda, a Muslim terrorist group, devastated America in a way that would rarely be pardoned by many. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2 . " 9-11: The Basics with the Attack about America. " 9-11: The Basics of the Harm on America. N. p., n. d.

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