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Biocon: Launching a New Cancer Medicine in India

Section Elizabeth

Group five

Ankita Khandelwal (255)

Bojja Raghavendar Reddy (265)

Hitesh Chopra (275)

Nikhil Singh Rawat (285)

Raghavan T. V. (295)

Vaibhav Saxena (305)

Scenario Analysis:

• Biocon is definitely an American indian Drug business that has advanced over the years:

в–Є It was an enzyme maker for food industry and developed experience in various fermentation processes

в–Є In order to get into a bigger & faster developing market, it started making small molecule generic prescription drugs like Statins and obtained 15-20% share of the marketplace

в–Є Later this entered into large molecules industry like Insulin because of a large global industry and a growing diabetic populace in India. Its knowledge in fermentation process helped it within the manufacturing of insulin. This captured 10% market share simply by pricing the merchandise 20% lesser than opponents

в–Є As the Indian drug market was maturing, Biocon wanted to develop proprietary medicines like dental insulin and BIOMAb cancers drug which offered bigger returns.

• Now it has formed a great alliance with CIMAB to build up a new drug called BIOMAb for dealing with head and neck tumor.

в–Є As part of its method to permanent strategy, Biocon wanted to develop products in collaboration with other partners.

в–Є BIOMAb gives it experience in Mammalian cell technology, which was the continuing future of Biotechnology.

в–Є It would become a chance to create a new marketplace and build fresh research and marketing capacities which are important long-term success of the firm.

Market Chance of BIOMAb

• Head and Neck cancer is one of the most widespread forms of malignancy in India, accounting for 28% of cancer prevalence and 26% of total deaths.

• Currently Biocon is intending to launch the item in India.

• About 1% (1900) of the total cancer people were supposed to be able to find the money for BIOMAb in 2007.

• The elevating population and growing economic system would raise the market size for BIOMAb.

• In future, Biocon may possibly look at launching the drug in other countries in Asia and Africa.

Possible Buyers and Decision Making Products

Biocon is targeting the Indian marketplace as of now and plans to expand similar in other geographies. India includes a very high occurrence for neck and head cancers as compared with other countries. However , the cancer treatment drugs becoming very expensive, just one percent with the affected individuals can afford it. This amount is supposed to go up with the growing economic system (9%) and population (1. 4%).

The choice making unit in this case will be the oncologists. Being that they are specialists in this field, the patients do not give a second thought to all their decisions. Seeing that, Biocon is entering an entirely new marketplace and hence, this did not have a good basic for stepping into the oncology market. Consequently , they needed to target the doctors first.


• Doctors: They can offer better alternate for tumor treatment. BIOMAb's trial was based on a six-dose treatment. Hence, doctors could offer a clearer picture of the cost with the total treatment.

• Sufferers: As per the second phase results, the medicine proved proved to be a relatively powerful drug in killing the tumor. Consequently , it was a viable drug for cancer individuals. Also, as an local medicine, it was expected to be cheaper than it is foreign equivalent.

Phase-3 Testing

Biocon must conduct the phase-3 tests because of the beneath reasons:

• It is competitor, Erbitux, was already known for its malignancy treatment prescription drugs, was likewise developing a drug in neck and head cancer treatment. It had currently conducted the phase 3 tests for any new head and neck cancer treatment drugand experienced very convincing results.

• The doctors were already skeptic if the second...

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