Biology: lab about termites

 Biology: research laboratory on termites Essay

the result of sweets on the mass of spud

Introduction- durchmischung is a unaggressive transport wherever molecules move from areas of higher attentiveness to aspects of low concentrations. Although the molecule's movement can be random, sense of balance is being sought out. Osmosis is a type of diffusion only It consists of water. In osmosis drinking water diffuses in the area of excessive concentration to a area of low concentration, to diffuse the more molecule rich side. Since cells have got selectively permeable membranes, which means certain chemicals can movement through the membrane layer, this allows osmosis to happen to cells in most solutions. Osmosis can affect the cell in three several types of ways. The cell could become hypertonic, which means the concentration outside the cellular is more than the attention inside the cell and this is usually where the cellular will reduce as the water diffuses out the cell to dilute the greater outside attentiveness. The cell can also turn into hypotonic, this is how the concentration of the solute outside the cell is lower than inside the cellular and the water will dissipate into the cellular to water down the higher inside concentration, this causes the cell to grow as it fills. Finally the cell can also become isotonic where the molarity of the solute is usually equal outdoors and inside cell. This lab was used to investigate osmosis by noticing how the different solutions of sugar drinking water will affect the mass of pieces of potato. By making three cups with the same amount of drinking water, but with distinct molarity's of sugar and placing three, almost comparable, pieces of spud in each cup for 2 days, the affect of osmosis was shown through how the drinking water diffused in or out of the potato to enlarge and shrink the potatoes by the end of the two days.

Hypothesis- in case the molarity of sugar in a solute is usually greater than in a piece of spud, then the potato will lose mass because of osmosis

Materials- Spud. Sugar. Glasses. Water. Range. Parafilm.


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