Production and Functions BUS 3500 Midterm Exam

Total: a hundred and twenty points Your Score: ______________ Student: __________________________________________________________________________________ I. The case or Phony (20 points). Please indicate " A” for authentic and " B” to get false on your own scantrons. Inquiries 11-20 have been completely taken from Evaluation 1 . 1 ) In a procedure map, a circle presents a step or perhaps activity along the way. Answer: PHONY

Diff: one particular Page Ref: 77

Reference point: Mapping Business Processes

Keywords: map, procedure, symbol, circle

2 . The main focus of a swim isle process map is to show flows of objects, information, and money. Answer: FALSE

Diff: one particular Page Ref: 80

Research: Mapping Organization Processes

Keywords: swim lane map, process map, stream

3. Your university delivers a broker of top-ranking officials to Las Vegas resorts to study approaches to improve dormitory living conditions. This really is an example of process benchmarking. Answer: TRUE

Diff: 2 Page Ref: eighty-five

Reference: Taking care of and Enhancing Business Processes

Skill: AACSB: Reflective Considering

Keywords: method, benchmarking

four. An Ur chart is employed to track simply how much the individual observations within a test vary. Solution: TRUE

Difference: 1 Web page Ref: 121

Reference: Record Quality Control

Keywords: Ur chart, test, vary

5. Appraisal costs can occur if a company hasn't produced any defective things. Answer: THE CASE

Diff: one particular Page Ref: 111

Reference: Total Cost of Quality

Keywords: appraisal, price, quality

6. Money spent schooling an employee how to do the job mistake-free is a good example of an evaluation cost. Answer: FALSE

Diff: 2 Web page Ref: 111

Reference: Total Cost of Quality

Skill: AACSB: Reflective Thinking

Keywords: prevention, cost, top quality

7. Company A consumes $250 mil purchasing supplies and subassemblies that it techniques and markets for a total of $350 million. The price tag on goods distributed by Company A is $350 million. Answer: PHONY

Diff: one particular Page Ref: 194

Reference: Why Supply Management is Critical

Keywords: CGS, cost of items sold

8. The ratio of income to product sales for a presented time period is a firm's income margin. Response: TRUE

Difference: 1 Site Ref: 194

Reference: So why Supply Administration is Critical

Keywords: profit, income margin

on the lookout for. The first step with the purchasing process is to select the supplier. Answer: FALSE

Diff: 2 Web page Ref: 196

Reference: The Strategic Finding Process

Keywords: needs identity, supplier selection

10. Outsourcing can be risky as it decreases the firm's proper flexibility. Solution: FALSE

Difference: 2 Page Ref: 2 hundred

Reference: The Strategic Sourcing Process

Keywords: outsourcing, insourcing, flexibility

11. Most agencies function as part of a larger source chain. Solution: TRUE

Diff: 1 Webpage Ref: 3

Reference: So why Study Businesses and Supply Chain Management? Keywords: organization, supply, chain, supply chain

12. A second-tier supplier is definitely downstream from a first-tier supplier in the supply sequence. Answer: FAKE

Diff: 2 Page Ref: 6

Guide: Why Research Operations and Supply Chain Supervision? Keywords: downstream, supply, cycle, tier

13. The affiliation for functions management can be AOM.

Answer: FALSE

Diff: 2 Page Ref: 10

Reference: Operations and Supply Sequence Management and you simply

Keywords: APICS

14. A company is identified by the structural and infrastructural factors. Answer: AUTHENTIC

Diff: 1 Page Ref: 20

Research: Elements of the business enterprise

Keywords: structural, infrastructural, component

15. " I've never seen flavoured marshmallows this size just before! " Alice squealed since she emptied the racks at the regional grocery store. The rest of the shoppers would have to make do together with the other 60 to 70 bags of miniature and standard-size marshmallows during this winter's hot chocolate festival. To get Alice, the jumbo...

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