Computer Technology in Education: an Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction Indeces Among Registrants of Faculty of Education Ahamadu Bello Universty, Zaria.

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 Computer Technology in Education: an Appraisal of Consumer Satisfaction Indeces Among Students of Teachers of Education Ahamadu Noble...



Background With the Study

Great customer satisfaction has an effect on the profitability of nearly every organization. For example , when ever customers understand good support, each is going to typically tell nine to ten persons. It is estimated that practically one half of American business is built upon this kind of informal, " word-of-mouth” communication ( Kumar & Barani, 2012). Improvement in consumer retention simply by even a few percentage details can enhance profits simply by 25 percent or more (Kumar, 1995). The University of The state of michigan found that for every percentage increase in client satisfaction, there is a normal increase of 2. 37% of return on investment (Keiningham & Vavra, 2001), quoted ( Kumar & Barani, 2012) Most of the people prize the businesses that handle them how they like to become treated; might even pay much more for this support. However , a lack of customer satisfaction has a even greater effect on the bottom line. Customers whom receive poor service will typically associate their unhappiness to between fifteen and twenty other folks. The average Client satisfaction has received considerable attention in the marketing books and practice in recent years. It affects many desirable results like buyer loyalty, worth-of-mouth promotion, and purchases. As such, increasing focus is given to customer satisfaction being a corporate goal, in addition to traditional monetary measures of success. The concept of customer satisfaction provides relevance to both solitary, discrete runs into and to relations hips. Frequently , in selling firms, the contact worker is the major contact level for the customer before, during, and after the purchase Computer systems have become commonplace in our personal as well as our skilled personnel lives (Naisbitt, 1984). We all come across personal computers in the food market, the bank, each of our vehicles, our homes and our universities. Computers make many of our everyday tasks less difficult and more quickly and made the society, in general, more successful (Roberts & Ferris, 1997)...., education will be every citizen's most cherished possession. Our schools could have the highest criteria in the world, igniting the spark of probability in the eyes of every woman and young man. And the gates of education will be open to all. The ability and power of the Information Grow older will be within reach of not only a few, nevertheless of every classroom, every catalogue, every kid (Clinton, 1997). " Were at the point in the history of education when radical alter is possible, plus the possibility for that change is directly linked to computers” (Papert, 1980). This pronouncement by simply Papert was one of the many of educators whom recognized the potential of computers to change learning and teaching. By doing this, they came attention to the pc and dismissed other factors that would impact the computer's potential in education.

Statement In the Problems.

Actually the value of computer in education can't be above emphasized more especially when functioning at the kind of packages set up in our devices, like the search engines like yahoo, news, internet sites, advertisements, online games etc . Also, considering the learning arena which is full of variety of persons searching for expertise. The chances of everyone owning his computer set will there be and of distinct brand and make. Consequently , the question is exactly what are the applicable factor that push one to opt for this kind of system specifically the brand, applications or plans of his choices during their studies. This is what the researcher is usually interested to explore by looking to appraised the customer satisfaction indices of registrants of Ahmadu Piacevole University in respect to computer technology education.

Purpose Of The Study.

The key purpose of the study is to evaluated the consumer pleasure indices of ABU students exposed to the utilization of computer technology in education. Which usually ultimately will be achieved by the following objectives;

1 . To...

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