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 Essay about Conflict and Beowulf

It is true that Beowulf is a story of a dual challenge: an external battle with vicious opponents and an internal battle with man tendencies of pride, avarice, cowardice, betrayal, and self-concern. The internal and external battles that Beowulf faces and overcomes produce him the " legendary hero” he yearns being. To start, in the Anglo-Saxon community, warriors are considered to be the most powerful, bravest, and a lot respected of most men. Through this poem, Beowulf is the " epic hero”, meaning he must go on a journey to combat evil, whilst grappling together with the struggle among good and evil and expressing the cultural traditions of the time. To be able to prove him self a leading man, Beowulf decides that he can going to deal with and eliminate Grendel, who has been terrorizing the town and putting the community's your life at hazard. During Beowulf's mission, his pride demonstrates to be his largest internal battle and winds up browsing his technique of protecting him self and the persons around him. Even when it would appear that Beowulf demands help throughout the battle, he is too conceited and pompous to declare that this individual needs assistance. Not only does Beowulf decide to fight Grendel due to his own self confidence, although he also feels that " destiny will relax as it must and recover decided no swords can be used. ” (Raffel pg 48) Beowulf decides that if fortune is most likely going, he can eliminate Grendel by simply only employing his simple hands. Another internal have difficulty awakens Beowulf when he exclaims, " Watch for me close to my friends. ” (Raffel pg 52) When his guys see that Beowulf is burning off, they run away the area and prove to be cowards when up against conflict. At this time, Beowulf encounters his initially glimpse of betrayal and starts to hesitation himself. Beowulf's integrity can be tested to its limit once his shield is usually melted great trusty sword has snapped. Although Beowulf feels impossible at this point, exemplifying Pagan ideals, he handles to overcome this turmoil by obtaining a giant sword and decapitating the monster. Greed makes...