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one particular criteria illustrations


Market developments?

Competitors' vulnerabilities?

Market or lifestyle trends?

Technology development and innovation?

Global influences?

Fresh markets, straight, horizontal?

Market target market segments?

Geographical, foreign trade, import?

New USP's?

Tactics: eg, shock, major deals?

Business and product development?

Info and exploration?

Partnerships, companies, distribution?

Quantities, production, financial systems?

Seasonal, weatпїЅ

‚ƒ„…†her, style influences?

three or more criteria examples


Down sides of idea?

Gaps in capabilities?

Not enough competitive strength?

Reputation, existence and reach?


Individual known vulnerabilities?

Timescales, deadlines and stresses?

Cashflow, start-up cash-drain?

Continuity, supply string robustness?

Results on main activities, frenzymadness, desperation, hysteria, mania, insanity, delirium, derangement?

Reliability of data, plan predictability?

Morale, dedication, leadership?

Accreditations, etc?

Operations and systems, etc?

Managing cover, sequence?

5 requirements examples


Political effects?

Legislative effects?

Environmental results?

IT advancements?

Competitor intentions - several?

Market demand?

New solutions, services, ideas?

Vital contracts and lovers?

Sustaining internal capabilities?

Obstacles faced?

Impossible weaknesses?

Lack of key personnel?

Sustainable financial backing?

Economy -- home, overseas?

Seasonality, weather conditions effects?

standards examples

Advantages of proposition?


Competitive advantages?

USP's (unique selling points)?

Resources, Possessions, People?

Knowledge, knowledge, info?

Financial reserves, likely earnings?

Marketing -- reach, circulation, awareness?

Innovative aspects?

Position and geographical?

Price, worth, quality?

Accreditations, qualifications, certifications?

Processes, systems, IT, communications?

Cultural, attitudinal, behavioural?

Managing cover,...

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