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This is a fantastic start to Unit 1, where you have provided some interesting answers. In order to fully meet all of the learning final results in Device 1, I want you to supplment your answers for the following questions: 2, 3, 4, your five, 8, 15, 11, 16, 15, 18, 19, twenty one, and 24.

Students will most likely take several attempts to pass Unit 1 so do not really give up!

After you have read my personal feedback and added to these kinds of answers you should submit your work via the online assessment within the V2L site. Please contact me if you need any kind of support.



1 . What is designed by diversity?

It means knowning that each individual is exclusive, and knowing our person differences. These can be over the dimensions of race, racial, gender, intimate orientation, socio-economic status, grow older, physical talents, religious morals, political beliefs, or other ideologies.


Andreea this is an excellent start to Device 1 with a answer describing what is supposed by range. People are many different and varied in the way they look, dress, behave, what they trust in, where they will work and live, which usually sex they are really and age bracket they belong to.

2 . Describe the community you reside in. Focus on some of the different versions you may watch in terms of: 5. Interests

5. Beliefs

5. Ages

5. Lifestyles

* Personal, sociable and ethnical identities.

Range recognizes the significance of difference, which will provide an corporation with staff that has a unique array of attributes and characteristics. Such as diversity in age, male or female, sexual alignment, disability, religious beliefs or perception, marital status, political idea, socio economical background, color, nationality and ethnic origins.

The city where I live is a multi-racial and multi-cultural city supporting a diverse array of religions and communities. Metropolis boasts various cultural centers and praise facilities that for most cultural and spiritual needs, including some distinctive landmarks like a Church of Scotland and Roman Catholic Cathedrals, Indio and Sikh temples, Synagogues, the Ancient greek language Orthodox House of worship and Mosques.

The people about me happen to be of different age range and standards of living allowing for a down to earth truly feel. There are young families in addition to families which have been here for two decades plus. 50 percent of the human population are over 30 years of age (with 40% being in the age groups 30 - 50 years of age), I think that thirty percent of sixteen - seventy four year old in employment operate health, education & public administration. The city I stay in is mostly specialist adults whom are energetic in maintaining a high quality00 school district, community support, and educational knowing of developing place projects. Across the street to me are lots of young kids; they may be having a performing ritual each Sunday morning hours, all are performing very fully in apaiser. I by no means dared to inquire why but I guess that most this children and mothers are using a sort of religious stuff. I possess also staying observing straight down my highway couple of seniors that are performing their regular shopping on every Saturday morning. So , within my community are living people with several ages.

As the community where I live can be described as diverse community, I have noticed that people have different interests. Many people are interested to possess a good Thursday night out and some of them are interested to have a good Saturday night out. The The spanish language community likes the Thursday night out because of the salsa membership where people have a passion for Latina music. It is just a real party competition for the dance floor. Different ones are happy simply to kill enough time out...

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