East meets West

 East satisfies West Article

East meets West:

How Modern Medication Is Turning To More Traditional Treatments

Abraham Diaz

California College or university of San Diego

PHR 2 hundred: Pharmacy Necessities

Krista Coleman

April 28, 2013

A brief history over classic medicine vs . modern treatments has changed overtime ever since both types of remedies combined together. Back in the old days, remedies were created by spiritual philosophy and driving the mind to believe that one is being cured. Herbals and nature were the key source intended for medicine and were analyzed on several types of illnesses. Whilst this was known to be somewhat useful, it was the sole remedy provided in the european region.

East medicine utilized by Chinese language and Korea to treat any kind of medical condition. The application of herbals present in the city had been collected and gathered to create up the medicine. Nature was also accumulated to provide remedies such as bugs, antlers coming from deers, and so forth These types of cures were completed help not only the soreness but deal with the person mentally as well.

Western medicine was done by using scientific and chemical uses. New elements and different sources were added to the original medicine to improve their effectiveness. The western culture experimented on different types of alternate medicine to look for better remedy. It is also noted that they may not share details due to its classification.

In May five, 1998 the joining in the eastern and western medication were considered to be outstanding. The two were located to work perfectly once combining traditional remedies with modern remedies. Although the western did not assume that spiritual practice was no help for curing health problems, both needed to work together to produce the best medicinal practice. At this point, with the far eastern and american medicine combined, cure provides improved for any sickness out there, either scientifically or spiritually.


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