effects of internet viral advertising on consumers satisfaction

 effects of net viral marketing on customers satisfaction Research Paper

Mutah College or university

" Effects of Internet Viral Marketing in customers' satisfaction. A study about fast food companies effort on viral marketing”


Ala Momani, Ala'a Alqadi and Saif Addeen Obeidat

Faculty of Business Administration

January 2015

Ala. [email protected] com +962777070212


Dr . Malek Al-Majali




Chapter 1

1 . 1 Introduction

a few

1 . 2 Study statement


1 . 3 Analyze questions


1 . some Objectives.


Chapter two

2 . one particular Literature study

your five

2 . 2Previous studies


installment payments on your 2 . one particular Measure of virus-like marketing effect on purchasing decision. 6

2 . 2 . a couple of Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Fast Food Industry. 6

2 . 2 . three or more The Viral makes you mindful -How is brand connection affected by virus-like marketing through individual sites? 7

2 . 3 Fast food restaurants firms' effort in social media


2 . 4 Dimensions of viral advertising affecting customers' satisfaction. 10

2 . 4. 1 Promo


installment payments on your 4. 2 Brand Consciousness


2 . 4. 3 The brand name Trust


2 . 4. some Brand Association


Section 3

several. 1 Conceptual Model and Hypotheses




Chapter one particular

1 . you Introduction

Viral marketing is becoming a key instrument in marketing plans now days, employed by a lot of firms to achieve there goals. viral advertising uses the instincts of humans to communicate reveal knowledge and socialize with each other, due to the wide spread of the internet among all persons now days, and the tendency of folks from different ages to invest more time within the internet to work with the social networking, some instances more than the time spent on watching TV; viral advertising is getting this kind of advantage as it can penetrate most of the social networks of anybody as easy as a click of any mouse from one friend to defuse of most friends inside the same social network, and if this ad is of interest enough, properly designed and noticeable, friends is going to distribute it in other social support systems making a splash or maybe a Buzz in the internet spreading such as a contagious disease converting the word of a mouth area to the term of a mouse.

Fast food restaurants Firms know that the world is definitely changing within their favor because the modern family members concepts usually depend on residence cocked meals less and the need for take out is elevating. Those businesses need to drive customers for their restaurants plonked building the awareness trust loyalty and satisfaction toward their take out brand.

With this proposal we will research the effects of virus-like marketing conducted threw net on junk food restaurants buyers satisfaction, Threw the dimensions of Promo, awareness, Trust and relationship. A literature study of some studies related to virus-like marketing and junk food customers' fulfillment, in addition to viral promoting related subjects from a few well known fast food brands websites to get the effects that may effects customer satisfaction.

1 . a couple of Study statement

Fast food businesses are considering viral marketing in their marketing mixture more widely put well deliberated employment of current internet sites in the internet to boost their direct and indirect effects more than customers. Through this proposal we will study the consequences of viral promoting dimensions of promotion, understanding, trust and association above fast food restaurants customers' pleasure.

1 . three or more Study queries

What are the effects of viral promoting on take out restaurant client's satisfaction?

1 . What is the effect of Promotion on fast food customer's satisfaction? 2 . What is the result of Brand understanding on junk food customer's fulfillment? 3. What is the effect of trust on take out customer's pleasure? 4. What is the effect of brand name association about fast food user's satisfaction?

1 . some Objectives.

To examine the impact of Viral Marketing dimensions of Promotion, Manufacturer Awareness, Trust and Connection on junk food customers satisfaction.

Chapter two

2 . you Literature examine


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