Europeans Native American Conflict -- the Snow Walker & Dances with Wolves

 Europeans Native American Issue - the Snow Walker  Dances with Baby wolves Essay

The Conflict of Europeans and Native Americans

After viewing the movie The Snow Walker, I was very intrigued by how inviting the Local American group known as Inuit was to the white guy. However , inside the movie Dances With Wolves the Habile tribe has not been as relying and pleasant to the white colored man. My curiosity grew even more after watching and comparing both movies as to the differences in both of these tribes and the attitudes towards the white gentleman.

Because depicted inside the Snow Walker, the Inuit Tribe was mostly covered within the Arctic Tundra. Although, in Dances With Baby wolves, the Sioux Indians were west with the Mississippi Lake in what is referred to as the alpage and plains. During the 19th century since Europeans embarked westward and began to settle in what we have now know because the United States. (Strudwick) Conflict grew out of the Natives reverence for Mother Earth as well as the European's idea of land title. These earlier territorial principles were a premonition to the overall Indian-white conflicts. The Native Americans were treated as obstacles in the white male's path to growth and their model of express destiny. The Europeans could aggressively power Native Americans away from their property and claim it because their own. Even though, Native Americans assume that " not any man owns land, which it is supposed to be only to Mother Nature”. (Johnson) The Natives would salary wars; nevertheless , they were in vain in their efforts due to applying primitive weaponry against pistols carried by the white man. Eventually, the Native American population started to drop swiftly due to combat, disease, and the white mans brutality.

Even though the Native Americans often acquired more relaxing philosophies compared to the whites, Europeans still seen them while savages and unintelligent. In both films, the copy writers show how resourceful the Native Americans are and that when ever one is ready to learn they may be eager to talk about their knowledge of the property and their environment. In the movie, The Snow...

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