Experiment a couple of TO PRINTING

 Experiment 2 TO PRINT OUT Essay

п»їExperiment 2: Kinematics of Human Motion

Camille Pabion, Jochebed Punzalan, Cb Reyes, Aileen Salazar

Department of Biology

School of Science, University of Santo Tomas

EspaГ±a, Manila Philippines


The study of kinematics is to develop sophisticated mental models that serve to explain the action of actual objects. Kinematics is the scientific research of describing the action of objects using words, diagrams, figures, graphs, and equations. In this experiment, you will find four activities to be performed. Displacement vs . time and velocity versus time were graphed (graphical analysis of motion). And the reaction time where in the typical reaction time of each member from the crew was compared to the reaction time while staying distracted.


Length that you cover from your home going to institution and rate of automobiles that goes the pavements of Manila are two examples of principles that come under the subset of physics known as mechanics, a science that deals with physical energy and forces. Mechanics can be categorized into two, kinematics which deals with concepts that are required to describe motion, and characteristics which works with the effect that forces possess on action. Displacement, speed, speed and acceleration will be examples in kinematics that could be represented using a graph. Shift is the overall change in location of an subject and it is a vector variety because it reveals both value and path. Velocity, just like displacement, can be described as vector quantity that makes reference

towards the rate at which an object changes in position when speed a scalar quantity, only displays magnitude, refers to how fast an object is moving. Velocity is a vector quantity that refers to the speed at which a subject changes it is velocity. The objective of this try things out is to be capable of draw the displacement vs . time charts and velocity versus period graphs for uniform movement and consistently accelerated movement. Also, in order to determine their normal response time and his reaction period while getting distracted. Theory

For activity 1 or graphical examination of human motion, 3 graphs are meant to show the overall look of the displacement versus period graph and velocity versus time chart of the person moving aside with regular velocity from a starting point, a person moving toward a chosen starting point with constant velocity, and a person getting off the chosen starting point along a straight collection with increasing speed. Out of all graphs which were made for each situations, slope of the displacement(x) versus the time(t) graphs gives you the velocity(v) while the incline of the velocity versus the time graph will provide you with the acceleration(a).

О”v= О”x a= О”v

О”t О”t

Intended for activity 3 or the graphic analysis of motion, displacement was worked out by adding the distance covered by trainees for each second while typical velocity was calculated simply by dividing the displacement determined by the time (s) that the scholar took to cover that certain length. О”v= О”x


Intended for activity four or response time, reaction time for the focused and distracted express of the college student is computed by the rectangular root of twice distance the meter keep has gone down measured from the 50cm indicate (h) over gravity (g). Height which is used is determined by subtracting the assess gotten from the experiment by 50. t=


Inside the first activity, the students would have been to execute 3 different types of motion such as moving away with constant velocity from a chosen point, shifting toward a chosen point with constant speed and getting off a chosen stage along an aligned line with increasing speed. The students was required to view the graph in the computer with the use of the Logger Expert. The second activity was worried about graph complementing wherein we had to open data files " 01b Graph Matching” and " 01d Chart Matching”, the scholars had to track the line with the movements using the Logger Expert. The third activity was about...

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