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The purpose of the first experiment was going to practice obtaining accurate and precise results by doing combustion analysis to obtain the amount of carbon dioxide and water unveiled and the quantity of gas consumed. To identify the amount of carbon dioxide, water and burner used there were 3 equations utilized to find it. Equation 1 displays how much carbon was released. Mass of carbon dioxide = m2 - m1

Equation you was used as an fresh procedure designed to help find your amount of carbon dioxide. To find how much normal water was released can be seen in Equation installment payments on your Mass of water= m2 - m1 Like Formula 1, Formula 2 was also created to help find the number of water released. To find the m2 in Equation 1 and Equation a couple of it can be found as observed in Equation three or more. m2= experiment weight- bare weight To get the m1 in Equation one particular and Equation 2 it could be seen in Formula 4. m1= blank weight- before weight

To find the volume that the burner consumed it could be seen in Formula 5. Mass of burner= before weight- experiment excess weight

It is important to be able to understand how to carry out these equations because by knowing how to do them it might be applied to utilization in the second test. The purpose of the second experiment was to use the method practiced inside the first test to identify the particular unknown offered is. By simply knowing how to find the identity of the unknown in experiment two, it can later be applied every time a problem develops that there is a purpose to find a great identity of an unknown. Fresh:

For the first experiment, a direct, carbon dioxide trap, water pitfall, a burner and connecters were received to make a combustable apparatus. The two traps were created by the teacher assistant intended for the first trial. Both the traps as well as the burner had been weighed and recorded. One particular end in the water pitfall was after that attached to the funnel then a connector was attached to the other end with the water trap and one end from the carbon dioxide capture. The other end of the carbon dioxide trap was then attached to a vacuum doing the putting together of the burning apparatus. A blank was in that case obtained simply by turning the vacuum upon for three minutes without the burner under the direct and leaving enough space for air to flow through. After the 3 minutes, the two traps had been weighed once again and documented. The combustion apparatus was then reman and with a lit burner under the channel the vacuum was about for three mins. The two blocks and burner were then weighed and recorded underneath the column experiment, concluding the first trial. The try things out was then done for 2 more trial offers. However , for the next two times the two traps are not made by the teacher helper so we had to make it ourselves. The carbon dioxide snare was stuffed with ascarite with cotton by both ends to keep the contents from spilling out. The water pitfall was filled up with calcium sulfate and calcium supplement chloride with cotton at both ends to prevent any of the contents from spilling. To make the experiment consistent we in contrast the pontoons we constructed with the one the teacher assistant made, and so then right now there would not become an inconsistency with the try things out. For the other experiment, a combustion device was constructed again just as it was to get the initial experiment. The process done to gauge the two blocks and burner were also just like the first experiment, each were timed to 3 minutes under the vacuum. We all also made our own blocks and the try things out was done in two tests. However , this particular trap was obviously a longer conduit filled with calcium supplement sulfate and calcium chloride, while the carbon trap was obviously a shorter tube filled with ascarite. We were also given a mysterious burner. Benefits and Discussion:

Each trap and burner was acessed three times for three trials. The data obtained show up in Table 1 ) пїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјпїјweight Trial 1 Trial 1 Carbon water dioxide trap

trap trap

Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 2 burner Carbon water...