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The discipline of police work is continually being forced to produce and boost its protocols, procedures, and practices so that you can keep pace with the ever-changing contemporary society in which that operates and criminal habit it attempts to eliminate. While the history of policing has been marked by simply substantial changes throughout time, the work of modern-day law enforcement officers and officials demonstrate some of the most substantial modifications to its surrounding environment that the discipline has ever seen. To be able to understand where the future of policing is going, it is important to first appreciate these current trends which might be affecting the latest landscape in the profession. In that way, some not far off critical problems that may influence policing down the road can be discovered, and potential changes then can be proposed and implemented to effectively treat these critical issues.

Perhaps the most critical current trends in policing are the ones that affect the operational aspects of it is crime preventing function. The first and foremost pattern amongst this group has been the development of intelligence-led policing, which usually at its most basic, deals with the " identity of certain criminal actions or certain criminal populations and targeted enforcement against the highest-risk criminal offenses or scammers to achieve overall reduction in the effect of crime in a community” (Wallentine, 2009, para. 2). Within this commonly encompassing craze have come a number of important improvements affecting police departments through the nation. Is that many authorities agencies have begun to include professional brains analysts into their ranks, a whole new position for the majority of departments and one in whose importance will likely continue to grow in the years to come (Wallentine, 2009). One other is that law enforcement officials leadership and command personnel has had to add and learn fresh technologies, and adjust to fresh methods of collecting...

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