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 Bande Essay

What is a good thing that pops into the head as you think of bande? Bet you can't think of any kind of. Most of the time bande are linked to violence and other crime related activities. For instance , there was once where my personal mother and I were to a walk with our dog around 11 at night. We were just standing there awaiting our dog to go to the washroom when a car pulled up to the side of the road and a few fellas jumped out. It looked as if we were holding searching for anything and it was a little while until a while for what they were searching for to become obvious, but when that did we realized these were looking for a dude who there were saw just a couple minutes before. He had manage by and was hiding, crouched straight down, behind several bushes on the hill making use of the darkness as being a cover. It is far from clear how come exactly he was hiding but from an outsiders view it is easy enough to hop to the summary it was bunch related. We were a little worried. Gangs are a prime method to obtain killing plus the spread of medication. They can be found anywhere, various from walkways to deserted warehouses or possibly a house an individual believed was safe. Gangs are almost everywhere and are frequently involved in negative things such as killers and offering drugs.

Gangs are actually in and around Barcelone. They blend in to every day situations, and several of them are hard to tell if they are even gangsters. The man resting beside you could have just wiped out someone as they was interfering with his gang's drug business or the girls sitting down the subway could be on their method home by kicking the crap out of one other girl so she could possibly be inducted into the gang. A large number of gangs are widely known as well as have areas here in Barcelone such as Hells Angels, 14KTriad, The Mickey mouse Cobras plus the Wo Shing Wo. They are gangs which may have not only marketed many drugs but have also hurt various people.

Killing people and providing drugs appears to be the way to always be for most gangs. For the most part, bande are the prime...