Female Leaders of Medicine and Health

 Female Innovators of Medicine and Health Article

Female Leaders of Medicine and


By Emma noon 9PA and Noa Kusman 9GB

Florencia Nightingale

∗ Florence came to be in Italia on 12th May named after the German city. The girl then relocated to England with her friends and family.

∗ In Victorian Great britain, poor ladies worked in factories or perhaps as servants

∗ Abundant women like Florence were expected to get married to and look following the home, might be do charitable organisation work

∗ Florence was very spiritual. From the age of 16 your woman believed Our god wanted her to do important work. Once she was 22, a

young copy writer asked her to marry him. After seven years making up her mind, Florence said no .

Dreams of Nursing jobs

∗ Florence was rich and could do anything she needed. However she chose to be considered a nurse

∗ Her parents said zero as they recognized that hostipal wards were dirty and horrible and a place where a large number of people perished

∗ Doctors did procedures with no anaesthetic agent, anesthetic, anesthetic agent

∗ Her parents would not want her to be health professional as rns were not respected or qualified

∗ Florence's parents dispatched her aside to Italy to forget about nursing

Being a Nurse

∗ There the lady met Sidney Herbert and he informed her that the abundant should help the poor so she was now decided to become a


∗ Florencia went to Germany in 1851 to a Christian nursing

college for women

∗ She skilled for three several weeks and loved it

∗ In 1853 a wealthy friend asked Florence to operate a Greater london hospital for 'Invalid Gentlewomen'.

∗ There were no shell out, but Mr Nightingale gave her funds

∗ Your woman made a lot of useful changes in the hospital.

∗ At home, the moment her daddy and sis became unwell, Florence nursed them.

The Crimea War

1854, the Crimean war broke out.

Great britain, France and Turkey attended war against Russia

The Crimea was part of The ussr so The uk went to the war in ships Persons back home in the uk read about the war in the newspaper The reporter, Howard Russell, pertaining to the times wrote about the hunger and cold and that there was simply no proper medical care

∗ These types of conditions started to be worse every battle, armed service hospitals were filled with the wounded

∗ Without nursing staff, soldiers were dying using their wounds and also disease

Nursing jobs in Crimea

∗ Sidney Herbert was now a minister for war and he asked

Florence to acquire a staff of doctor to the Crimea

∗ Florence and her 38 healthcare professionals arrived in Nov of 1854

∗ At first the army doctors desired nothing to dalam with all of them ∗ Florence would not vanish entirely however therefore eventually the

doctors allow them to work in a healthcare facility at Scutari

Hospital Circumstances

∗ The hospital was dirty and overloaded

∗ There is not enough bedrooms and guys were laying all over the flooring

∗ Canal were blocked and over going

∗ Mice were all over the place and the propagate of disease was filled

∗ People ate breads that was green with mould and meat that was like household leather

∗ With no good food and clean environment and medical

items, the men weren't getting better

Changing Conditions

Florencia worked 20 hours a day

She went to town to obtain fresh food

Your woman started to brush your kitchens

A French chef arrived at cook better food (Alexis Soyer)

Florence paid workmen to clean the drains

Quickly the clinics were in better condition and less males


The girl With The Light fixture

∗ During the night Florence walked around the wards,

to make sure the men were comfortable.

She seated with dying soldiers. The lady wrote

letters home for guys who could not write.

Your woman carried a lantern, and so the soldiers referred to as

her 'The Lady while using Lamp'.

After Crimea

∗ People in Britain started to give money to a fund to help the ‘nightingale nurses'

∗ When Florence came house in 1856 people referred to as he a heroine ∗ The sultan of chicken sent her a diamond bracelet and queen Victoria wrote her a notification of thanks a lot

∗ Florence then visited Derbyshire and called himself miss johnson as she didn't desire to be known

∗ Later, Florence met queen Victoria and told her the thing that was wrong with all the army clinics and how to make them better

plus more hygienic

After Florence

∗ The...

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