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Case 4-6 Grand Jean Company

1 ) How would you describe the goals in the company overall? Is this, and/or these, the same as the goals from the company's advertising organization as well as the company's 25 managers of producing plants? Explain.

Corporate – Generate profits, generate satisfactory charge of come back investment, satisfy customers' requirements, maintain price and top quality, grow or maintain business, promote employee welfare & community associations, maintain faithful and trustworthy suppliers to supplement inner capacity and provide stability to product require allowing internal flexibility to alter product mixture to meet temporary market different versions.

Internal Mfg. Plants – Maintain cheap operations, satisfy market requirements, maintain trustworthy and top quality standards, maintain employees cheerful and good community associations. Compare to most efficient outside suppliers.

Marketing – Maximize product sales revenue, maintain market share, revenue mix, and price effectiveness.

2 . Evaluate the current managing planning and control program for manufacturers and advertising departments. Exactly what are the strengths and weaknesses?

Talents – Very clear assignment of responsibility of sales revenue/marketing and manufacturing output/costs; promotes product development and awareness of client needs; integrated budget with monthly alterations to reveal market alterations; realistic and timely specifications for production assessment and cost control; reasonably very clear and objective measures of performance; well-timed feedback on plant functionality; internal creation flexibility to fulfill changing marketplace demand.

Disadvantages – Simply no clear declaration of company goals and objectives; constantly failing to fulfill customer require; top down setting of plant objectives with no grow manager involvement; emphasis on month to month quotas contributes to manipulation of output confirming; lost profits; production schedule changes increase costs; corporate staff acquire higher advantages than grow managers; VP...