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Assortment Test Credit score SCORE

Contents of the Useless Man's Pocket or purse (page 198)

Recalling and Interpreting (49 points total; 7 points each)

Write down thier letter of the best answer.

1 ) Why does Mary want to invest the evening operating?

a. His boss offers asked him to do so.

n. He is wanting to finish his proposal.

c. He would like to be paid for overtime work.

d. This individual doesn't attention to see the video his better half wants to discover. 2 . Clare's response to Tom's desire to home is certainly one of a. comfort. c. feel dissapointed about.

b. anger. d. hunch.

3. When ever Tom first goes out within the ledge, he sees his action because mainly a. heroic. c. brave.

b. foolish. d. practical.

four. When Ben reaches the paper and bends to retrieve this, he suddenly realizes a. that his life is truly at risk.

w. that his life is well worth living.

c. why this individual has done what he has done.

d. exactly what a good story the effort is likely to make.

5. Going for walks back to the window is far more difficult than walking away coming from it mainly because of a change in

a. the temperature.

m. the wind path.

c. Tom's attitude.

d. Tom's prefer to retrieve the paper.

6. When Jeff imagines the report of " the contents with the dead male's pockets, ” he understands that

a. he does not deserve to be on living.

b. he is not any different from other people.

c. his wife are not well provided for.

d. his priorities anytime have been foolish.

7. Ben decides for taking the risk associated with trying to break the window because a. he is too afraid to think evidently.

b. he knows he will probably fall except if he can receive inside.

c. he dreads the embarrassment of being found on the ledge.

m. he worries that the cigarette he kept burning may begin a fire. Term Date Category

Variety Test (continued)

Using Vocabulary (10 points total; 2 factors each)

For each and every underlined term, write the notification of the expression that means the contrary. 8. taut a. right

9. deftness b. loose

10. unimpeded c. rehearsed

11. improvised d. impeded

12. convoluted e. clumsiness

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