Ielts Exercises

 Ielts Physical exercises Essay

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Ex. on the lookout for

1 ) Physical craving- desiring to get something you want

installment payments on your Satisfy the graving- you happen to be satisfied of feeling that accompanies Former mate. 10

1 . To turn anything on the head- to improve something completely 2 . To dissipate- probably eliminating or disappear?

three or more. To compel- make other folks to do some thing

4. Inanimate- not valuable, not needed

5. Liable- responsible to perform something

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Former mate. 7

1 . Proliferating- something which develops and spreads quickly 2 . Epidemic- rapidly raising in figures

3. Prevalence- widespread presence

4. Exacerbated- having the opposite effect to that particular intended 5. Spouses- partners or wives

6. Extracurricular- outside the frequent course of operate a school or college several. Paradox- made worse

8. Counterproductive- statement which in turn seems to be extremely hard beacause that says two opposite issues Page forty-nine

Ex. two

1 . All German meals are supposed to be the best food on the globe, but in my personal experience I don't think that true of most meals. installment payments on your Hong Kong is supposed to have a very modern day architecture, although I'm unsure if that is certainly true or not. several. England should really have the many skillful footballers, but actually I don't believe that's accurate. 4. Swan lake recreation is supposed to have most beautiful scenery, but I'm not sure if that is the case or not really. 5. Mongolians are supposed to certainly be a very friendly people, yet actually I truly don't think thus. 6. America is supposed to have the highest criminal offense rate, yet I'm not sure if that may be true or not. Former mate. 3

Doctors are supposed to be honest and skilled, but in my experience We don't think that is true in Mongolia. Ulan Bator should be a incredibly clean and secure city, but actually We don't think that is true. Site 44

Ex girlfriend or boyfriend. 5

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