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 ielts matter Essay

п»їWriting evaluation

Writing process 1 (a letter)

Write a notification to an British teacher to whom you know and ask to borrow a few British books to aid a child of your friends to examine. Please state - Provide details of your child.

- Where and when do you plan to train him/her?

-- What catalogs do you want to acquire?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Bad lifestyle causes many health issues. Why do people still live a bad lifestyle? Might be a solution for this problem? Speaking check


- What is your full name?

- Can I call at your ID?

-- Where are you from?

- Do you operate or study?

- In which do you live now?

-- What do you dislike about the house?

- Does it rainwater frequently in your area?

- Perform people inside your country just like rain or perhaps not?

Cue Card 1

Talk about an old piece retained in your home. You should say

- What is it?

- Who bought?

- Why is it important?

Dialogue 1

- Do persons come to your house to see this?

- Should every old piece end up being kept in the home or certainly not? Why?

- Is there a popular museum in your country?

- Do you think famous buildings needs to be preserved or not? "cue" Card 2

Talk about your favourite outrageous animal. Make sure you say:

-- What pet is it?

-- Describe the animal.

- Why is this animal your preferred?

Discussion two

- Can it be important for children to see family pets?

- Tell me about a confident teenage experience you had.

- Do you think teenagers should hang out with older people? -- What do you think will help those to communicate better?

2 . Create a letter into a recruiting organization about a organization of interest. Within your letter

-- Explain for what reason you're interested in that company

- Why you are choosing an international site

Writing process 2 (an essay)

A few say it is important for parents to show their children about the importance of money. Why and just how should they do it? Include cases from your own experience. Speaking test out


-- Tell me regarding yourself.

-- Where will you live?

- What don't you like about living there?

-- Do you desire to continue living there?

- How long perform teenagers and adults live together in the culture? -- What kind of misunderstandings happen between them?

-- How does the society seem upon young adults?

- Are teenagers getting given more lenience?

Cue card

Speak about the most positive moment within your teenage your life, please claim: - So what happened?

- When ever did it happen?

- Who had been there along?

- How did you feel about that instant?


- Do you like wearing special clothing for events? Why? - How often will you change your clothing?

- Can this be true that your generation consumes more money about clothes? Clarify. 3. Producing task 1 (a letter)

You want to book an appointment hall in the hotel for a meeting with your colleagues. Create a letter to the hotel manager proclaiming your requirements and say - How a number of days will be required for a meeting?

- How many people will be there?

- What other preparations do you require?

Producing Task a couple of (an essay)

Nowadays individuals are purchasing more than they need. Is this a positive or maybe a negative trend? Give your thoughts and opinions and cases based on the experience and knowledge. Speaking test


- What is your full name?

- Can one see your IDENTIFICATION?

- In which are you by?

- Do you work or perhaps study?

- How often do you really use a computer system for function?

- What purpose do you usually use a computer for?

- Do you consider using the Internet is beneficial for you?

-- Should we all restrict use of the Internet and computers for the children? Cue Cards

Talk about a scenario when you preserved some money. You should say - What was the main reason?

- How much time did it take to save this money?

-- Who helped you with saving it?


-- Do you think currently youth trust in saving money?

- Are girls better at saving money then men?

- Do you save money? Why

5. You and the friend just lately went on a vacation together. You may have a problem together with your photos used during the vacation. Write a page to ask the friend for a particular photo and say - What is a trouble...

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