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" Internet Problem 14-1: Revenue Reputation Fraud”

Chapter 14

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The Securities and Exchange Commission rate (SEC) identified that Bally Total Exercise Holding Corporation, a nationwide commercial owner of fitness gyms, fraudulently accounted for three types of revenues it received from members. The SEC also incurred the review firm and six companions for their jobs in the accounting violations. Go to the SEC's web page ( and search the link to " Litigation Releases” to locate Lawsuit Release 20470 issued in February twenty eight, 2008 against Bally Total Fitness Possessing Corporation for more information on this income fraud. Required:

a. Read the relieve and the associated complaint through this matter and briefly sum it up the three types of claimed revenue ripoffs. b. Go back to the beginning page for the SEC's site and search the link to get " Press Releases” to locate the January 17, 2009 announcement with the SEC's expenses against the examine firm and the six associates. c. Read the press release and briefly summarize the SEC's description from the nature of audit risk associated with the Bally's audit engagement. d. Read the complaint up against the audit engagement partner, who served while the 2001 and 2002 engagement spouse. What elements caused the audit organization to recognize Bally as a danger audit client for 1996-2003?


The next answers are based upon the SEC's Litigation Relieve No . 20470 and related press releases linked to the fraud at Bally Total Fitness Having Corporation:

a. Based on the SEC pr campaigns and A lawsuit Release Number 20470, Bally fraudulently made up three types of earnings it received from users: initiation costs, prepaid...

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