Legal Memorandum

 Legal Memorandum Research Paper


To: Scott Haddock, Supervising Attorney

By: Bob Barker, Super Elderly Paralegal

Lso are: Paige Turner

Our data file No .: 12095

Public school searches

Time: June six, 2013

I actually. Issues

1 . The issue is whether public school officials have the authority to do strip searches of pupils in suspicion of hiding illegal medications.

2 . The problem is whether general public school schisme can perform arbitrary drug testing of learners who take part in school athletic programs underneath state or perhaps federal rules.

II. Short Answers

1 . No . Tape searches of students in public schools of students are completely forbidden by federal and state law under any circumstances.

2 . Open public school officials are in violation of Washington State law tend to be not in violation of Federal rules by doing random drug tests on students whom participate in athletic programs.

III. Facts

Mr. and Mrs. Turner possess contacted our law firm to evaluate potential detrimental rights infractions regarding their 18-year-old daughter Paige Turner.

About April 19, 2013, an undisclosed pupil informed Vice Principal Robyn Banks, of West Lynnwood High School that Senior Serta Druff sent out some type of supplement to fellow senior Paige Turner during study area earlier that morning. Afterwards that time, Vice Primary Banks called Ms. Turner into her office and interrogated her about the incident. Immediately, Ms. Turner admitted that Mr. Druff gave her a pill, but as well explained that it was an extra-strength Tylenol accustomed to treat her headache. Mrs. Banks informed Ms. Turner that, by simply accepting this kind of medicine with out a prescription or perhaps doctor's note, she broken LSD's Liquor and Medicine Policy twenty four. 36(b).

Mrs. Banking companies advised Ms. Turner to call her parents and inform them from the situation. Since Mrs. Turner shuffled through her purse in search of her cell phone, a tiny clear plastic bag that contained unlabeled pills accidentally fell upon Vice Main Banks' desk. Vice Principal Banks instantly identified these types of pills while ecstasy.

Mrs. Banking institutions ordered Ms. Turner to eliminate all of her clothing, apart from her v?ldigt bra and under garments. Uncertain of her rights, Ms. Turner fearfully complied with the university administrator's require. Mrs. Banking companies then thoroughly searched through her garments; however , the girl found simply no other medications. Mrs. Banking institutions then instructed her to jump along and wring her breasts and belly to release any prescription drugs that the lady suspected might have been hidden in Ms. Turner's undergarments or body system cavities. Ms. Turner apprehensively obeyed the orders. Simply no other drugs were discovered. Three times after the search, Mrs. Banking companies met with Mr. and Mrs. Turner. During this meeting, she communicated that their little girl would be hanging for one week for breaking the LSD's drug ease policy. Ms. Turner was humiliated with this search, and this she even now feels broken.

In the spring of 2013, the LSD provided Vice Main Banks agreement to begin implementing the LSD's new Liquor and Drug Policy 22. 36 with regards to student-athletes. Within the morning of May one particular, 2013, Vice Principal Financial institutions contacted a public health office employee and ordered the random drug screening of WLHS's whole girls' football team. That afternoon, just before their softball practice, the softball crew was informed of their arbitrary drug screening process. Urine checks were in that case administered just before practice. On May 7, 2013, Vice Primary Banks received the results of the drug tests from OMG. In accordance to these benefits, Ms. Turner tested positive for marijuana. At about 2: 00 p. m., Ms. Turner was called into Vice Principal Banks' office and was immediately suspended for just one week. Additionally , she was banned via participating in every further extra-curricular sports intended for the remainder from the school season.

IV. Dialogue

1 . Strip searches of students

A. Federal

The problem is whether community school officials have the specialist to perform deprive searches...

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