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Purpose: to determine a method of assessment for macromolecules. Materials:

Knowns: Unfamiliar: Test Solutions:

Glucose solutionUnknown solutionIodine remedy

Gelatin solutionBenedict's solution

Starch solutionBiuret solution

OilBrown paper



1 . Create a data desk.

2 . Ingredients label 5 test tubes with known solutions.

3. Add 10-20 drops of each regarded solution to respective test tubes, do not blend pipets! some. Add 3-5 drops of the test way to each evaluation tube.

5. Record the results (a color alter indicates a good result). 6th. Clean out each test pipe and duplicate steps 3-5 for leftover test solutions. 7. For the dark brown paper test, put one drop of each and every known option on the conventional paper, record benefits. 8. Utilizing your data, determine which tests are used to find which macromolecules. Write down your observations about each test. 9. Check the unfamiliar to determine articles, record most results. 12. Clean almost all test pipes, remove every labels, clean up lab space, and return all materials to the appropriate locations.


Changes of Test Alternatives Mixed With Known and Unfamiliar Solutions

Iodine Solution

Benedict's Solution

Binret Solution

Brown Paper

Blood sugar solution

Simply no change

Orange colored

No modify

Drop remained

Gelatin option

No change



Drop remained

Starch remedy


Lighting azure

No transform

Drop dissolved


Simply no change

Darker blue

No change

Drop dissolved


No alter


Not any change

Drop stayed

Not known solution

Army green



Drop remained


From the results, we all determined that glucose remedy is a form of carbohydrates, since it changed color with Benedict's solution and its particular drop stayed on the dark brown paper. Jelly solution is a type of protein, it also transformed color to purple when Benedict's and Binret answer was mixed with it. Likewise its drop stayed upon brown paper too. Starch solution is carbohydrates; it...