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 Magnetism Exploration Paper

Physics 123


Magnetism can be defined inside the dictionary since the class of phenomena displayed by a permanent magnet field. In physics there are a few types of magnetism. In this paper just three types will be covered which are ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, and diamagnetism.

Ferromagnetism is definitely the strongest form of magnetism, as it is a permanent magnetic. A permanent magnet is one that remains a magnet following being magnetized by an outside magnetic field. Ferromagnetism is actually a type of magnetism that generates its own magnet field that may be what makes it unique among the list of other types of magnetism. Ferromagnetism can often be made of flat iron. Most magnets that we manage on a daily bases will be ferromagnetic. They can be ones that produce forces strong enough to be felt. There are types of magnetism that develops only inside the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. This type of magnetism is called Paramagnetism.

Paramagnetism is unique from ferromagnetism because paramagnets do not retain any magnetization in the a shortage of an outwardly applied permanent magnetic field. The explanation for this is because in the thermal action being randomized. Paramagnets will be any program that contains ions, molecules, or perhaps atoms with unpaired spins. When an external magnetic discipline is applied, magnetic occasions will often align themselves in the same direction because the used field as a result making it better. Paramagnetism can be not generally in most materials, however Diamagnetism appears in all components.

Diamagnetism generally tends to appose an applied magnetic discipline and because with this it is repelled by a magnetic field, where as paramagnetism provides the tendency to improve an external magnet field, and ferromagnetism merely creates a magnetic field. In a diamagnetic material there are not any unpaired bad particals leading to random motion of electrons. Magnetism in diamagnetism works due to Coulombs interest to the nucleus causing a Lorentz power from the magnetic field that leads...