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п»їTitle: Creative Brief for Apple's new era of iphone 5 accessories Product: iPhone5

Client: Apple

1 . Backdrop

As mobiles is one of the normal fast-moving gadgets, companies which produce cell phones have to constantly launch of new products with new features and functions to draw more customers and capture higher business. In Singapore, Apple's goods are well-liked by many clients due to its innovative features and designs. For some causes, ranging from Apple's philosophy of comprehensive cosmetic design to their advertising campaigns, Apple has engendered a distinct status in the gadgets industry and has grown a customer foundation that is abnormally devoted to the corporation and its company, particularly in the Singapore marketplace. The releasing of the fresh generation from the iPhone 5 pertaining to Apple markings the new groundbreaking step to get the Apple's product, this creative simple serves the purpose to develop and conclude an advertising campaign intended for Apple's releasing of new iPhone in Singapore market.

2 . Target Audience

The primary target audience of recent iPhone is the Generation Con in Singapore, also called the Millennial, who have are given birth to between 1977 and 1994. In 2013, Millennial will be between the ages of 18 and thirty five. They were brought up immersed in technology, i. e. cell phones, laptop computers, net, etc . As such, they are extremely mobile as well as have an emotional attachment for their cell phones (Kaiser, 2013). Furthermore, they have extremely busy agendas, short focus span and so usually have a difficult time to remember items. Moreover, this audience is additionally characterized due to its constant multi tasking. Besides, new research implies brand differentiation is important for this group of people, if given grounds to benefit one merchandise over another; they are very likely to interact or engage with the brand name (Miguel, 2013). These are why the new generation of i phone comes with the range of different clours, as coloring is...

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