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Examine the following circumstance and answer the concerns:


The market to get women's curly hair shampoos has become highly specialised and segmented. In recent years numerous special goal shampoos have appeared on the market, each promising to provide numerous hair care rewards to the potential user. The Syd Firm is diversified manufacturer of consumer packed goods. At this time the company has no ladies shampoo in the product line.

You can actually marketing exploration personnel fulfilled recently having a small research firm, FC Associates, and discussed the potential of study of young feminine adults living in Bombay.

The Syd business had established—through a series of just lately completed interviews with a select few of women consumers—that " body” (apparently connoting hair density or fullness) in a wash was often mentioned as being a desired feature. Armed with this kind of rather sketchy information with regards to the desirability of " body” in a shampoo or conditioner, the business's laboratory workers had started work on growing some prototypical compounds that appeared probably capable of delivering this kind of characteristic to a greater degree than brands currently available in the market.

During the first conversation among Syd and FC Affiliates, the following bureaucratic problems arrived at the light:

1 . Let's assume that laboratory staff could create a women's shampoo or conditioner with excellent " body”, is the market for this item large enough to justify the commercialization? installment payments on your What benefits in addition to " body” should be included into the new shampoo? 3. What are the characteristics—product usage, hair type, demographics—of people who are specifically attracted to a shampoo with " body”? (Knowledge of these characteristics can be desirable in defining the prospective segment to get the new merchandise. ) some. How could the concept of " body” in shampoo end up being communicated; what does the consumer imply by " body' in shampoo? ( Knowledge of the connotations of " body” would be useful for design of promotional messages and point of purchase elements. )

Seeing that Syd had no entrance in the shampoo market, the business had little to go on in the form of secondary types of information. Although various industry statistics could possibly be obtained intended for the existing brands, the firm was generally interested in features appropriate for a new idea in the market place—a shampoo that emphasized " body”.


Though formal record decision analysis was not utilized in this case, it became apparent that the firm encountered three primary courses of actions:

1 ) Continue the technical development of a new hair shampoo that offers the consumer profit: " body”. 2 . End technical advancement related to this kind of characteristic and switch initiatives to some other shampoo gain. 3. Cease all the work in could shampoo items.

Continuation of technical development on " body”, subsequently, is based on two considerations:

1 . that new product could be developed effectively from a technical standpoint 2 . And the new product can be sold in sufficient quantities to justify upcoming development items, start-up price, ongoing creation and promoting costs, as well as earning a suitable return upon invested cash.

Informal research indicated a top probability of technical success during the following 12 months with relatively modest additional items in technological resources. The major problem appeared to be one of marketplace potential—more particularly, whether a concentrate on segment of sufficient size was available to warrant technical development and eventual commercialization.


Current uncertainties regarding the potential demand for the new product suggested the desirability of conducting promoting research further than the initial consumer group interviews that were recently carried out by the organization. Crude quotes of the cost versus value of...

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