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Modern methodologies in English Dialect Teaching

Effective ways to teach Grammar


Ms. K. RajalakshmiTherichselvam

Assistant Teacher – I

Department of English

Kalasalingam University


In educating English towards the learners, one must aim at making them effective users with the language. The learners must be enabled to use the language for all of thier needs of communications. The past several years, the teaching of grammar about schools has been the subject of criticism. There are several who believe there is no relationship between the educating of grammar and the pupils' improvement in writing of English language. They are from the opinion a language is learnt not really by learning its guidelines but simply by actually practicing it.

British grammar mainly because it came down to most was typically based on Latina, Greek and Sanskrit. All of these classical dialects were studied and analyzed in superb detail simply by Scholars. English language grammar consisted of elaborate guidelines, definitions and exceptions about the composition of the vocabulary. It worked mainly with all the physical types of words, expression endings, term groups and sentences but not their total meaning as being a piece of conversation or dialogue.

According to the old translation method, too much emphasis was placed on grammar. Grammar was thought to be all important and that dictated the terms of language use. Children in very young age were made to study the complicated rules of grammar. Although modern educationists are in the opinion which a pupil who may be good at grammar and offers studied all the rules will certainly still make the most elementary mistakes in grammar. There are various types of grammar. They are

Prescriptive grammar or Formal grammar.

Descriptive grammar or perhaps Functional sentence structure.

Prescriptive grammar or Formal grammar:

Prescriptive grammar is known as a grammar which in turn prescribed the principles for every that you follow with out questioning. Teaching of such grammar is called Formal grammar. In teaching formal grammar, the changing nature of the English language and using it meaningfully had been totally ignored. Descriptive grammar or Practical grammar:

Grammar which allows usage, as it builds up and details from time to time, is known as " Descriptive grammar”. It will require note of recent usage mainly because it appears occasionally in connection. The educating of this sort of grammar is referred to as Functional sentence structure. The youthful learners required functional sentence structure. This is because theoretical grammar is usually to abstract. A kid learns his first vocabulary without learning its sentence structure. Similarly a kid should master English simply by practice. The kid learns to speak and write correctly by simply imitation and intuition. Methods of Teaching Sentence structure:

Various simple procedures can be followed in t he teaching of grammar. The very best known are Deductive approach and Initiatory method. Deductive method:

Underneath this method, the teachers depends on rules and definitions and proceeds to utilize them to particular examples and clarify the underlying tips and ramifications of the solution and guidelines. In this approach the following guidelines are used:

The teacher provides rules and definitions. The students are not permitted to arrive at all of them after analyzing some examples. The definitions plus the rules have to be memorized by students. The teacher proceeds from abstract to concrete just before the abstract. Generally formal grammar was taught by the deductive method. Just rules and examples were recited by the teacher plus the pupils and there was no practice, not any action with no linking of word and its particular meaning. Almost everything appeared easy and time saving but the students did not anything finally because there was no useful demonstration or perhaps practice of the pattern. Inductive method:

This follows the reverse method. The tutor proceeds from the actual to general. He reveals several cases to the college students. After the cases he lays down the rules. The advantages of this method happen to be: This method is psychological instead of logical. The widely used...

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