OPS 571 Week five Individual Task

 OPS 571 Week five Individual Job Essay

Piper Industries Firm Project Supervision Recommendation Special Project Director:

With the available information from your previous email regarding the tasks of Wacholder, Palomino and Stargazer, Personally i think it is inside the company's welfare to go with the Palomino project moving forward. The explanation for not choosing the various other two choices is because Kranewitt carries lacking of a risk for completion. Stargazer is certainly not worth the high risk of completion plus the unfamiliarity showing how the final merchandise will be together with the customer.

The technique applied for making this decision was by utilizing the feasibility research. The main aim of this is because employing this project would have to make sense for the company in general. Answering each of the questions about Return On Investment (ROI), length of project, risk and overall benefit to Piper Industries. Using the feasibility analyze for the Juniper and Stargazer tasks, it was a simple understanding that previously mentioned material will not be present just like the Atontado model.

There are five diverse phases in project managing that entail the Simple project and the ones are (Jacobs & Pursue 2011): •Project conception and initiation

The main focus of this stage is to guarantee the project being presented is reasonable and will advantage the company. •Project definition and planning

The scope in the project will be needing an outline so the work which in turn needs to be performed is available. Prioritizing, budgets and timelines will be in this phase as well. •Project launch or execution

Jobs are given and each team is made conscious of their responsibilities. •Project overall performance and control

The status and progress will probably be checked up against the actual intend to ensure everything is jogging smoothly. The project supervisor will make changes as need to keep the first project on target. •Project close

Once most tasks will be complete and the customer is content with the last product, a lesson study plan will need to be established...

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