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 Persuasive Presentation Essay

Powerful Speech

Span 4-5 moments

PLEASE! Use Proper Protection Restraints in the Vehicle

Adult restraints –

Why could they be important

What happens if you use them


•Let me start by saying that YES there are circumstances where you are better off NOT wearing a seatbelt yet those circumstances are FAR FAR outweighed by the ones where you are better off wearing it. In the past couple of weeks there have been more than a few news tales about people being slain in car crash. It doesn't matter how safe or careful you are, weight loss always predict what others are going to do and especially here in the southern you can't forecast with the family pets are going to carry out. According to the CDC, Motor vehicle fails are the leading cause of loss of life among Americans age 5-34. Adult as well as use is the most effective way to save lives and reduce accidental injuries during a crash, yet tens of millions of americans don't put on seat belts. Automobile crashes can be a major public health problem. Teenagers ages 18-24 have the top crash related injuries. One in four of you will both be wounded or murdered in a car wreck this year! •What may be the impact of seat belt work with? Studies have demostrated that employing your seat belt features reduced critical crash-related accidents and deaths by about fifty percent. •You declare – you should not wear your seatbelt, your car has airbags… Air bags give added safeguard but are not a substitute for seat belts air bags by itself tend to carry out more injury than good. •You say you are only going " down the road” – many accidents happen within a couple of miles of your home or work place. •You say – " I'm in the backseat”. That where in the car you happen to be – people in the back again seat may AND DO receive hurt in the same way often as individuals in the front. •Everyone different has their seatbelt on - Even if everyone else in the car has on their seatbelt – it takes only one to greatly injury or perhaps kill other folks in the car. •I don't desire to -wrinkle my costume – yet it's alright to have it cut off you at...