physics study of motion

 physics study of movement Essay

Regents Physics

Constant Velocity/ Acceleration Lab 10-3-13


Graphical Examination of Continuous Velocity and Accelerated Action.


Gravitational acceleration is usually constant that is known

g=9. 8m/s2

Therefore , if the golf ball is definitely dropped, the acceleration will probably be equal to gravitational acceleration agb=9. 8m/s2

Presented there is no atmosphere resistance, which means that when the golf ball is dropped from the distance, according to the formulas, the golf ball will certainly accelerate at 9. 8m/s2 until reaching the floor.

Employing graphs in the data collected, information on the acceleration and velocity of both the golf ball and wagon can be displayed. From these kinds of initial position/ time graphs, using slope can calculate the velocity with the object going, and even the acceleration. To calculate these movements through the initial charts, the incline formula displayed below is used.

mp/t=change in d/change in t

(where: m=slope, d=distance, t=time)

Therefore for preliminary position/ period graphs:


Using the details collected via these formulations, other charts can be created. With fresh information, velocity/ time graphs can be made, and utilizing a similar method, for the main one used to estimate the velocity, speed can be computed.

mv/t= change in v/change in t

(where: v=velocity)

So for the calculated velocity/ time graphs:

mv/t= speeding (a)

For the constant velocity graph, the acceleration of these graph should be equal to zero per any given amount of time, while the constant speeding graph must be equal to a calculated quantity (mv/t) every any given amount of time.

A constant velocity distance/ time graph must have a constant raising positive incline, while the velocity/ time chart should have a slope of zero at the y benefit of the worked out slope of the initial graph. For the acceleration graphs, the distance/ time graphs should have a great exponentially elevating positive incline, the velocity/ time graphs with a frequent increasing great slope, and an acceleration/ time chart with a range with a slope of zero with a con value in the calculated incline of the past velocity/ time graph.


There were a couple of cycles with this Lab:

very first Cycle.

Two different graphs are trying to end up being created, continuous velocity and constant acceleration. For constant velocity, two graphs will probably be needed to demonstrate data, and then for constant acceleration, 3 graphs. Both graph sets will need to be started simply by creating a basic Position/ period graph. That may be in this case, making a graph of distance around the y-axis labeled in centimeters, and having the x-axis while time branded in 1/60 seconds. Items needed for this kind of cycle from the lab happen to be labeled and shown underneath.

To get the 1st graph, affix ticker tape to Laboratory cart. Be sure ticker mp3 is tell you the Spark timer. The spark termes conseilles will create a dot around the ticker recording every 1/60th of a second when action is recognized. To create a constant velocity, possess a long enough runway intended for the trolley to move, and attempt to push the trolley at a consistent speed even though the ticker mp3 runs through the spark timer. Record info from the ticker tape, ignoring the speed process and focusing on the constant velocity, and repeat process if necessary.

For the second graph, substitute the golf ball to get the lab basket and repeat a similar procedure. Instead of pressing the golf ball along a runway although, hold the ball with the ticker tape tightly to the spark timer surrounding this time, and drop the ball while the ticker tape operates through the termes conseilles. To record the data, do not ignore the speeding process and commence you measurements from the first mark manufactured.

2nd Routine.

The second pattern will involve applying computers plus the Vernier Lab-Pro with motion detectors. Be sure everything is to establish correctly, getting the motion detector connected to the Laboratory Pro coupled to the computer through a USB cable television. Like...

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