Budget of in Math concepts Vi

 Budget of Work in Math concepts Vi Dissertation




A. Comprehension of Whole Quantities (Pre-requisite Expertise Before BEC) 1 . Scans and publishes articles numbers through billions

2 . Determines the real estate of addition/multiplication of quantities 3. Conveys a number in simple type to extended notation and vice-versa 5. Rounds quantities to the place value particular

your five. adds five or more digit numbers with four or maybe more addends with sums through billions with no and with regrouping six. Subtract h 5 or even more digit quantities with actually zero difficulty, coming from 4 to 6 or maybe more digit quantities 7. Subtract 3 to 5 or maybe more digit figures with actually zero difficulty, by 4 to 6 or even more digit quantities 8. Tells what is asked, what are given, word hint, operation being used, draws a picture, transform a word issue to a number sentence, solve the formula and condition the complete answer. 9. Increases 4 to five digit quantities by two-digit factors without and with regrouping 12. Multiplies a few or more digit factors with zero/s in a single factor or perhaps both eleven. Divides your five or more digit numbers simply by 2-digit quantities without and with remainder 12. Splits 5 or more digit figures by 3-digit numbers with no and with remainder 13. Divides entire numbers simply by 10, 100 and multitude of

14. Divides your five or more number numbers simply by 3-digit amounts with absolutely no in the middle or perhaps continuous no by 3-digit numbers with zero/s inside the divisor 12-15. Solves term problems concerning multiplication and/or division of whole numbers which include money of sixteen. Solves 2- to 3- step term problems including any of the 4 operations which includes money

B. Knowledge of Whole Numbers (Objectives Based by BEC) 1 ) Comprehends the order with the operations about whole amounts 1 . one particular Follow the buy of operations (PEMDAS Rule) when resolving expressions/equations having more than one operation 1 . 1 ) 1 Specify expression/ translate word terms to numerical expressions 1 ) 1 . a couple of Gives the meaning of

- Formula

-- Exponent

- Base

1 . 1 ) 3 Examines an expression including exponents

1 ) 1 . 4 Evaluates a manifestation with two different functions with exponents and parenthesis/ grouping symbols

1 . 1 . 5 Assess an expression with two distinct operations without exponents and parenthesis/ grouping symbols

1 . 1 . six Evaluates an expression with more than two operations with or with out exponents and parenthesis/ grouping symbols

1 ) 2 Can be applied the purchase of operations in solving 2-3 step word concerns

1 . installment payments on your 1 Publishes articles the equation to solve multi-step problems

1 . 2 . 2 Solves two to three step expression problems involving whole numbers

1 . several Describes solution in complete sentence with proper unit/ labels


A. Understanding of Decimals

1 . Visualizes ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths

1 . 1 Brands and quebrado for a presented model (region/blocks/money, number


1 . 2 Uses different models to show specific decimal (region/blocks/money,

number line)

2 . Renames fractions whose denominators will be powers of 10 in decimal contact form

3. Publishes articles decimals through ten thousandths

3. you Identify the value/ place value of the digit presented decimal

three or more. 2 States decimals through ten thousandths

3. 3 Writes decimals through eight thousandths in different notations

-- standard note

- expanded notation

four. Compares and orders decimals through five thousandths

your five. Rounds decimals through eight thousandths



1 . Calculate sums and differences of whole amounts and decimals

2 . Provides and subtracts whole numbers and decimals through ten thousandths without

and with regrouping (with concrete/visual model)...

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