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Dominating the highways and streets nowadays as the commuter's method of land vehicles are motorbikes. From personal mobility to business and industry consumption, motorcycles will be widely used for their affordability in both obtain and routine service added without difficulty of use and convenience when compared to other vehicles. With the increasing prices of gasoline, motorbikes are becoming the right means of transportation for many. For this reason, motorcycle car dealership industry had become a means of revenue for many establishments. The rise of motorcycle manufacturers and distributors provides faced an uphill rise in the market hence making the competitions hard between these businesses. Companies through this industry can sell fresh and slightly used motor bikes. They also develop innovative patterns and features, offer repair services, parts, and accessories. No major companies control the sector; most have got a single retail store. In the Philippines, amateur motorcycle dealers have to compete with internationally known distributors equally. Hence, it is very important for these companies to give their very own selves an advantage over their competitors. Probably the most effective sales strategies to be applied is to incorporate technology in to the company and employ it for their edge. This has been among efforts of Visminda Motor bike Distributors, Inc (VMDI) -- Butuan Metropolis, that the business might be able to work with technology while an advantage, rather than as a stop. The company has been around the business seeing that 1990's, and although they happen to be situated in the midst of the city's business region, it has still been a hardcore fight to settle as one of the acknowledged motorcycle marketers in Butuan City. By today, they are nonetheless using manual methods with regards to their payment process and management of customers' data as well as their company's papers. Their advertising transactions entails a long and tedious procedure from software, verification, and releasing of units while management of files are carried out using metal cabinets and folders so that it is unorganized and impractical specifically during collection of relevant documents. For this reason, the experts proposed to create an automated information management and billing system for the organization. A billing system is consisting of a series of interrelated functionalities to have a sales transaction. A good billing system generally provide customer-interface management, order management, potential, rate and pricing programs, invoice and credit control, and/or overall performance reporting and auditing. Consequently, the proposed system would be a medium of change to get the company and would help resolve the challenge of VMDI in a more efficient service to buyers. The pursuit of having a even more technological environment endeavour to supply quality outcome and companies of the firm to its clients.   THE ORGANIZATION

Visminda Motor Marketers, Inc (VMDI) Butuan Branch is engaged in exclusive dealership of GRANSTAR motorcycle items. The company has been online since 1997, with assorted branches in both Visayas and Mindanao. Currently, they may have about seventeen branches in Northern Mindanao and 13 branches inside the Southern Regions. As an internet affiliate of GMIC, all the motor bikes parts are produced in China and India. Motorcycle assemblage are done in Batangas City and Mandaue, Cebu just before they are allocated in different parts of the.


In 5 years time, the corporation will be a main motorcycle distributor in Caraga Region, increasing personal freedom and the quality of life of our buyers, and causing the financial development of each of our markets.


The company aims to provide clients with cost-effective transportation option, making them powerful and useful in their daily activities.  

Organization Environment

Motor bike dealership sector has been an enormous type of organization in Butuan City for some time. Situated in the heart of the town, Visminda...

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