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Current Affairs

Week 3, Address 3.

Current affairs means the ongoing concerns related to any kind of branch of learning that exists in the world circumstance. We are suffering from different problems now and then in our everyday life, although current affairs only range from the issues that happen to be being reviewed at the current time or have been occurred recently. In respect to Wikipedia, Current AffairsВ is aВ genreВ ofВ current eventВ where the emphasis is in detailed examination and debate ofВ newsВ stories which may have recently took place or are constant at the time of transmit. However , the definition of current affairs fluctuates when it comes to a specific subject within learning supplies. We examine here not only about the current incidents but as well the reason behind those events. We started to take pleasure in this subject in a complete swing because we do not simply discuss regarding any issue but we analyze it critically. Continuing the process of learning the current issue, in the third week I possess gathered a big package of knowledge from my own lecturers regarding the turmoil. Naturally I had been not so familiar with the types of issue but it started to be so clear to me once my lecturer explained it to me which includes specific cases. I have discovered the intra-state conflict which will represents the conflict between Al-Shabab as well as the Government in Somalia as one example. I have as well understood regarding inter-state issue, political turmoil, ethnic conflict, religious conflict, territorial discord and so on. On the other hand, among all of the conflicts, I found more fascination about local conflict because it has been happened from the ancient period. But, we can see the conflict between Israel and Palestine about having decreed over each other. Another example can be the Kashmir issue amongst China, Pakistan and India. So , all these conflicts are normal and viewed every time in the history in addition to the current period. If we give a critical view on these...