Study Information Stoichiometry College student Editable

 Study Information Stoichiometry Student Editable Composition


Section 11. 1 What is stoichiometry?

In your textbook, read about stoichiometry and the well balanced equation. For every statement listed below, write true or false.

_______true___________ 1 ) The study of the quantitative associations between the amounts of reactants employed and the amounts of products produced by a chemical reaction is called stoichiometry. ________true__________ 2 . Stoichiometry is dependent on the law of conservation of mass. _________false_________ 3. In different chemical reaction, the mass from the products is less than the mass of the reactants. ________true__________ 5. The coefficients in a substance equation represent not only the number of individual debris but as well the number of moles of debris. ________true__________ a few. The mass of each reactant and product is related to the coefficient inside the balanced substance equation intended for the reaction by its large molar mass. Finish the stand below, applying information displayed in the substance equation intended for the combustable of methanol, an liquor. methanol  oxygen → carbon dioxide  water

2CH3OH(l)  3O2 (g) → 2CO2(g)  4H2O(g)


Molar Mass (g/mol)

Quantity of Molecules

Number of

Skin moles (mol)

Mass (g)

6th. Methanol

32. 05



sixty four. 1

7. Oxygen gas

32. 00


a few


eight. Carbon dioxide

forty-four. 01



88. 02

being unfaithful. Water

18. 02



seventy two. 08

10. What are the reactants? _______methanol and fresh air gas__________________

14. What are the merchandise? _________carbon dioxide and water_____________________

12. Precisely what is the total mass of the reactants? _____________160. 1__________________________

13. What is the total mass of the products? __________160. 1_________________

14. How do the total masses of the reactants and products compare? ______________equal_________________ Section 10. 1 continued

In your textbook, learned about mole percentages.

Answer the questions about the following reaction.

sodium  iron(III) oxide → sodium oxide  iron

6Na(s)  Fe2O3(s) → 3Na2O(s)  2Fe(s)

15. What is a mole proportion?

A skin mole ratio is known as a ratio between numbers of moles

of any kind of two chemicals in a balanced chemical

18. How is actually a mole ratio written?

. A mole rate is written for two substances in a

well balanced chemical equation as a small fraction by inserting

the number of moles of one substance in the

numerator and the number of moles of another

material in the denominator.

17. Predict the number of mole ratios for this reaction. _______12_____________

18. What are the gopher ratios for this reaction?

one particular mol Fe2O3/6 mol Bist du 3 mol Na2O/6 mol Na two mol Fe/6 mol Mhh

6 mol Na/1 mol Fe2O3 three or more mol Na2O/1 mol Fe2O3 2 mol Fe/1 mol Fe2O3 6th mol Na/3 mol Na2O 1 mol Fe2O3/3 mol Na2O two mol Fe/3 mol Na2O 6 mol Na/2 mol Fe one particular mol Fe2O3/2 mol Fe 3 mol Na2O/2 mol Fe

nineteen. What is the mole ratio relating sodium to iron? _____6mol na/2 mol fe__________________

20. Precisely what is the gopher ratio relating iron to sodium? _______________________2 mol Fe/6 mol Bist du

21. Which usually mole proportion has the most significant value? _____________________________ 6 mol Na/1 mol Fe2O3

Section 11. 2 Stoichiometric Calculations

In your textbook, read about mole-to-mole alteration.

Read the following passage then solve the difficulties. In the formula that follows each problem, write in the space provided the mole ratio that can be used to fix the problem. Finish the formula by writing the correct value on the line provided. The reaction of sodium peroxide and water produces salt hydroxide and oxygen gas. The following well-balanced chemical equation represents the reaction. 2Na2O2(s)  2H2O(l) → 4NaOH(s)  O2(g)

1 ) How various moles of sodium hydroxide are produced when 1 . 00 mol sodium peroxide reacts with water? 1 ) 00 mol Na2O2  4 mol NaOH/2 mol Na2O2, installment payments on your 00 ________________ mol NaOH

2 . How many skin moles of air gas are produced once 0. five-hundred mol Na2O2 reacts with water? zero. 500 mol Na2O2 1 mol O2/2 mol Na2O2,. 250  ________________ mol O2

several. How many moles of sodium peroxide are necessary...

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