1 . Goebbles said " give me resources and I could make the people imagine Devil is usually God”. The effect of modern technology has transformed the multimedia landscape entirely. As a result details cannot be obstructed by virtually any ctr-measure. Globalisation has conferred on press formidable capacity to influence club opinion. The armed forces are vuln for the rapidly dispersing media flash. Today, as part of your, wars happen to be won all the by eff propaganda and info dissemination as by simply economics and mil may possibly. It has also significantly limited the mil's ability to dictaminador its result. Thus the umbilical wire of dependence on million has been minimize. The media contrary to the wish of million, discloses one of the most vital information on the million secrets related to aims, str depl and eqpt in the tps, fighting that they have the work to facts the bar of situations as and when that they unfold. Alternatively, media likewise presents the opportunity for mil pers to provide their case to the universe more eff and thereby shape the B fd. 2 . Press has attained added imp particularly after the Gulf War. Its significance has also been turned out during the recent Kargil operations. Role of media is basically two folds, one at the national and the other with the intl lvl. If media policy is usually not correspondingly programmed for these two lvls, any objective within million reach can simply cease to exist. Therefore, it is, safe to concl that mil might alone cannot turn the tables until every battle related equipment, whether directly or indirectly is in consonance with the objs. Aim

a few. To analyze the role of media with a view to ident own weak points and suggest viable actions. Sequence

5. Part - I. Concept of Media Combat.

5. Component - 2. Kargil Problems Case Study

6th. Part – III. Summary

Concept of Mass media Warfare

several. Definition. Multimedia warfare can be pre-eminently a democratic tool, fashioned to dominate the mass minds and general will of complete country or society. 6. Purpose. Media warfare aims at next purposes: -

a. Activate Mass Brain on the Residence Front. It can be accomplished by waking up tribal intuition latent in man these types of instincts happen to be focused to be able to transform the en into devil. Germane propaganda against Hitler and more recent against Iraq will be the examples. The potential audiences happen to be primarily own people. n. Winning Support of Fairly neutral Nations. With this dimension media wins support of fairly neutral nations. Uk successfully do this on the globe wars. They will launched a rigorous media campaign against Germans. They propagated that Germans were cutting the hands of innocent Belgians and mass killing the women and children. This kind of resulted in attraction of Americans attention and Us citizens launched themselves in to the war with psychological hysteria. Persons demanded catch of Chef and execution by adding him in to boiling water. c. Targeting the Mass mind on Inner Front of Hostile Region. This is aimed at defeating the en mentally, by subverting his persons and his military and disarms them morally. Indian propaganda against Pakistan in 1971 is usually an example of this. 7. Results. Few effects of media combat are: -

a. That undermines the moral resolution and greatest belief of enemy in victory. m. Kills the patriotism and sentiments in the people and self can be brought 1st. c. Stimulates social and political revolutions.

d. Creates mental confusion, contradictory sense, indecisiveness, anxiety fear and discontentment. elizabeth. Wins support of natural nations.

farreneheit. Targets the essential ideology.

g. Trust in leadership is shed.

h. Encourages partisan thoughts.

eight. Affected Groupings. Broadly, you will discover two affected groups: -- a. Well written People. In this article the support of high level, literate individuality is achieved by giving them some political or economic benefits. Which in turn are being used by those to win average person support. This class consists of fol cats and kittens of professionals: -- (1)Educationists and Writers.

(2)Artistsand people associated with mass media.

(3)Policy makers.



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