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Captivated me ScriptВ В


Narrator: Once upon a time, in a magical empire known as Andalasia, В there were living an evil queen.

Selfish and cruel, В she lived in dread that one working day her stepson would get married to, В and she would lose her throne forever. В

And so, your woman did bleary her power to prevent the royal prince from at any time meetingВ the a recognized maiden with whom he would share the case love's kiss. В

Birds: Giselle, Giselle, how about this to your statue? В

Giselle: Oh, this will be best. Thank you.

Birds: Most likely welcome. В

Pip: Come on! OK, you mookses, move that! We have got a confront to put together hereВ while is actually still inbedded in her subcranium. В

Giselle: Oh, Pip, it was this sort of a lovely dream. В

We were keeping hands and dancing, and... В -- Oh! --

And these pertaining to the eye. В

Giselle: Blue? Oh, just how did you know? В And they shimmer just like his. Mm! В OK. Right now there we go. В -- Yes! Which it! -

Pip: OK. Sure, yeah. В - Floor's yours, honey. -

Giselle: Showing my one true love. В My royal prince. My heavenly gift. В

Giselle: Also, my amazing benefits! В

Pip: Whoa, whoa. What? What's the condition? -

Giselle: I didn't provide him any lip area. В -

Pip: Ooh! -

Chicken: Does this individual have to have lips? В

Giselle: Obviously. В

Giselle(sings)When you meet the somebody who is meant for you

Prior to two can be one There is something you should doВ

Rabbit: Will you pull every other's tails? -

Bird: Do you feed one another seeds? В

Giselle (speaks) No . В В

Giselle (sings) There is something sweeter В Everybody needs.

As a former dreaming of a true love's kissВ And a prince I'm hoping includes thisВ В

Which what bringsВ Ever-afterings therefore happyВ

And that's the main reason we need lip area so muchВ В

For lips are the simply things that touchВ В

So to spendВ В A life of endless blissВ

Just find who have you loveВ Through the case love's hug В

Giselle(Speaks): In the event that we're going to look for a perfect set of lips, В we're going to desire a lot more support. В

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh(out the window) В

Family pets together: She is been hoping to see a true love's kissВ

And a prince she has hoping incorporates thisВ В That's what gives ever-afteringsВ -В So happy-В So happyВ

That's we need lips so muchВ В For lips are the only things that touchВ

Caterpillar: Humph! В

Giselle(sings): So to spend a lifeВ Of endless blissВ В

Just find who you loveВ В

Through the case love's kiss В

Edward: Keep an eye out below! В Look out beneath! В


Amazing, sire. В The tenth kobold this month. В


Oh yea, I love hunting trolls. В Big trolls, little trolls. Trolls, trolls, trolls... В -


Sorry. -

Troll: Oh, which OK. В

Edward: Ah, trolls are fine to pass enough time, Nathaniel, В but... yet my cardiovascular system longs to get joined in song. В В

Edward cullen (sings): Seems dreaming of a real love's kissВ -В

Edward (sings): /Giselle(sings): And a... -... prince I am just hopingВ -В Comes with this-

Edward (sings): /Do you hear that, Nathaniel? В


Me personally? No . Simply no, I hear nothing. В


Nothing. В --

Edward: Oh! - I must get the maidenВ - that belongs to that sweet voice. -


Oh, zero! Come back, maest?. В -


Zero, you're hallucinating! -

Edward: Ride, Destiny! В

Nathanial: Oh! В Oh, pooh. Oh, no . No . This may not good. В

These years of kobold chasing, looking to keep him from ever before meeting a lady. В

Oh, the queen. Not any, she's never going to like this. В В

Troll: Authentic love's hug В В

Edward cullen (sings): The case love's hug В В

Edward: Oh, you shall not prevail, foul troll. That first is my own! В

Pip: Honey, do you really think your dream boy exists? В

Giselle: Oh, Pip. I know he's out there someplace. В

Animals: Vision! Eye! Eye-Eye. В --

Giselle: I... We what? -

Kobold: I consume you at this point. В

Pip: Every person, scatter! В

Troll: Gotcha. Right? В

Troll: Whats up! That's cheating! В We supposed to eat you. В

Pip: Oh, zero you don't, you big lug. В

Giselle: Also? Oh! В Ah! В

Pip: Wow,...

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