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The human kind is being seated on a couch in a ready room, looking forward to the next event to occur. Almost all humans will vary experiences, however the same destiny. Death. Period goes by, whether we enjoy it or certainly not. People who believed they had planned their lives tent to become surprised the moment change knocks and bumps on their door. That is because without realizing period is jogging by. " Because It Is Running By” can be described as short history written by Jo Lloyd last year. The brief story is about a meeting among Edie and Wil. Wil is a child in his early 20´s, who lives along with his mother in the countryside of England. Wil´s mother makes money coming from her B& B. Wil and his mother live in your kitchen while letting their living room away. They also possess a caravan and a couple of muddy fields. Wil´s family just consists of his mother and himself, mainly because Will´s father died when Wil was 16 years old of neck cancer. Therefor Wil has a lot responsibility to take of himself and help his mother with the daily tasks. His father´s fatality is also the main reason to Wil´s suddenly dropping out of school. Over the summertime, Wil´s mother hires a female Edie to assist with the B& B. When Wil achieved Edie initially, he was not really fond by her. Will for example said…”When was this kind of decided” when ever his mommy said…”This can be Edie, Will” as the quote allude Will has not been that thrilled to see Edie. However , while time went by, he had a change of heart. The story will not reveal information about Edie´s past, even though we do know that she is by London. Edie is also fearless and dares to enter unknowing areas. Edie is referred to as being soft and that is the opposite of Wil´s tanned physic. Unlike Wil who is caught in the same routines, Edie is also more open minded and capable of independence. Wil´s life is estimated and safe. Not necessarily that Wil fear alter, though he properly perform. It is because human beings genuinely believe that when you´ve been living in routines for a while, it feels easier to just...