Socially Responsible Marketing

 Socially Dependable Marketing Article

Socially Liable Marketing

Table of Contents

Origins of Social Marketing1

Definition of Socially Responsible Marketing: 2

Sociable Issues: a couple of

Bono's Merchandise (RED) Effort: Reducing CSR to Cause-Related Marketing by simply Stefano Ponte, Lisa Ann Richey and Mike Baab3

Social Marketing Mix3

Product – offer designed to target adopters3

Price – costs that consumers need to bear4

Particular focus on DISTANCE: 5



The Organisational Moral Development Unit – Reidenbach and Robin the boy wonder, 19916



Materialization of society – the actual young people get the correct communication? 7

Study - Customer privacy: several


Product development: 8


Personal selling8


Foreign marketing9

EVALUATION: (PRODUCT)RED Criticisms and Articles9

Social Marketing vs . Commercial Marketing10

Mark Rosenman, April 14, 2007 - The Velo of philanthropy10

Further criticism12

Advertising - Carla C. J. Meters. Millar and Chong Ju Choi, 200312

Consumer experience – Product Red is a social very good and customers respond back13

Culture as a commodity14

The dependence result: 14

Vance Packard, The Hidden Persuaders, 195714

Beginnings of Marketing campaign

5. Kotler and Zaltman (1971): application of advertising to solution of social and health issues, and " to sell brotherhood like soap” (Wiebe, 1951) * We are able to use advertising to make persons choose one thing from hundreds, so why cannot we sell off " brotherhood like soap” * Planned social transform which involves a great exchange romance between the consumer and change agent (Niehoff, 1966)

Definition of Socially Responsible Promoting:

* Makes use of desirable social causes, such as the environment and consumerism, to progress the passions of a business organisation 5. RED campaign works with Global Fund ( nonprofit organisation) with each of their associates (Gap, Apple etc . ) as the profiting companies behind them * MTV as another example with this type of socially responsible promoting * SHOPPING TO SAVE LIVES: PRODUCT REDDISH AND




* Item Red attracts this impression of " the real" by professing to offer buyers a way to intervene in a " real" issue: the distributed of AIDS in Africa. Merchandise Red essentially constructs a virtual simulacrum of The african continent and the AIDS virus to get First World markets. The campaign manufactures a vision of the world in which all of Africa's problems could be combated through consumer agency, in other words, through millions of normal Americans consuming " Red" products.

Cultural Issues:

1) Generous causes

5. E. g. Charity contributions

RED works together with the Global Finance and gives towards the charitable organisation to help alleviate Helps with Africa 2) Social betterment causes

* Electronic. g. Anti-discrimination, improved environment

CRIMSON and their target of reducing AIDS or perhaps helping present funding pertaining to the pills which may save 1000s of lives can be their technique of working toward social betterment

One of the most widespread belief about (RED) was that it was a traditional charitable trust


(RED) noticed itself because offering rewards back to their partner firms; as a result, (RED) had therefore intentionally contacted the marketing divisions—not the building blocks divisions—of possible partners Additionally , " charity” products were known to have a price markup which will meant the donation dropped exclusively for the consumer, certainly not the company. (RED) products would not follow the[desktop]; the companies themselves covered the donation using their profits That aimed never to make people feel responsible for or perhaps guilty about world concerns in order to cause them to get, but instead to tap into their consumerism by offering these people a (RED) choice Bono's Product (RED) Initiative: Reducing CSR to Cause-Related Advertising by Stefano Ponte, Mack Ann Richey and Mike Baab 5. Encourages corporations to gain profits...

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