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SPSS Assignment: Describing Data

Provide an answer for every of these inquiries in a phrase format. These types of should be very clear and parsimonious responses that correctly express the statistic in APA-format. Be careful of how the concerns are asked and if model of the result is necessary. Also, pay close attention to how a variables will be scaled in order that you are you need to get a valid answer.

1 ) Find the mean, standard deviation, and median for virtually any variable appealing. 2 . Get the mode for any varying. Is this amazing? Why or perhaps why not? 3. Identify by least a single outlier in our data collection or identify that there are non-e? In either case, explain how you found your decision. 4. Find a total frequency for any valid varying.

5. Find a percentile (excluding 0% and 100%) for almost any valid varying. 6. Describe the graphic distribution of any varying and see whether it is: a. symmetrical or perhaps skewed (positive or adverse? )

n. uni-modal or perhaps multi-modal?

six. Find the mean for virtually any variable. After that find that suggest for two individual groups of people in the test for the same varying. Describe the difference and translate the finding. 8. Compute any fresh variable that produces conceptual impression. Indicate the name of new variable, how you are justifying it like a reasonable variable, and the parameters you used to compute. Help to make a comment on something you find interesting inside the newly made variable. on the lookout for. Recode a variable in to something new which makes conceptual perception. Indicate the name of the new variable, how you happen to be justifying it as a sensible variable, this values you used, and new beliefs computed. Produce a touch upon something you find interesting associated with that fresh variable. 15. Impress myself by using SPSS to run an inferential figure you keep in mind from your prior Statistics training course. Explain the actual result. Help each other!

**Assignment may be worth 10 points and due Thursday night, Feb fourteenth.

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