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QUIT Please!

Preserve a existence by blocking. What is the price of a your life? A few extra seconds to halt? Stopping can be well worth man life. My spouse and i am suggesting that a prevent be mounted at the area of Road 43 and Sharon Road, Madison Region, Mississippi. A STOP sign is relatively cheap, and can decrease the number of mishaps and deaths at that intersection. On January 22, 2011, Felicia Harris was on her way residence from job. She was driving East on Motorway 43 getting close to the area of Freeway 43 and Sharon Street. Upon reaching the intersection she was driving at a higher rate of speed ignoring the speed recommendation signs. When she started to apply her brakes it was too late, the girl was in the curve from the road and also compensated to find control and veered off the road crashing head on into a shrub. Unfortunately Felicia did not endure the accident with the woods. She was not the 1st or the last to pass away at that area. The need for an end sign is usually evident. Watts D, a co-workers kid totaled his car at the same intersection on February 5, 2013. Having been traveling western world on Motorway 33 each time a car that misjudged the curve hit another car that then simply smashed in to his car. The driver that caused the accident said " Some realize that the curve is that deep. ” (W D) The area of Motorway 33 and Sarion Highway in Maon County is incredibly dangerous. There are a number of accidents at the intersection, from minimal finder benders, major car damage and even fatal accidents. High rates and fails indicate a purpose for control by a QUIT sign. QUIT signs will be traffic control devices that drivers run into regularly. Excessive speeds could be controlled by giving drivers the opportunity to slow down ahead of entering the curve that may be on Motorway 33 with the two streets intersection. AN END sign is actually a much needed traffic control at the intersection of Highway 33 and Shaon Road to hold more lives from becoming lost. The installation of a STOP sign is inexpensive ranging...

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