Project Abstract

 Essay about Project Subjective

TASK ABSTRACT I. Problem Statement

Today, amidst the growing popularity of software and advancement in technology, one of the most standard components of each of our government is unfortunately left out: the Barangay unit. Every factor of the Barangay's processes and services are still done physically: from processing and saving a issue, checking the information before publishing a barangay clearance, to filing records of happenings that happen in the barangay. This in some way obsolete method of filing records and issues presented a lot of problems. Generally in most barangays, information were retained in logbooks which could both damaged or perhaps get lost. Logbooks also generate it difficult to locate specific report or record. Skimming through several logbooks for a particular report could be tedious and takes a lot of time. This will slow down proceedings, investigations, and inquiries that want the production of the information. Secureness and integrity of the data also present another set of problems. It is hard to keep track of repetitive record or perhaps update the proceedings of any case. As well, logbooks can be easily removed from the office or rip away pages without other people noticing this. One answer seen to reduce these problems is the software of barangay processes. This will improve the efficiency of filing reports and complaints inside the barangay level. Storing barangay information in a central databases allows for easy storing and updating of records. Retrieval of documents will also be more quickly, translating to faster purchase time. With the records easily available in the storage space, this will allow worried government agencies to collect data intended for planning and development. Furthermore, automation decreases the use of daily news.


Community partner or perhaps collaborator

Listed here are the local lovers for the project: -- Barangay Councils of 12 barangays -- The school asked the barangay officials from different barangays in the city and 12 barangays replied and consented to support the project simply by signing a Memorandum of Agreement. - National Economic Development Specialist Regional Business office 9the group were asked by NEDA 9 officials to discuss the nature of the project since NEDA 9 has a similar task (Adopt-aBarangay). NEDA 9 representatives were extremely enthusiastic and positive regarding the job. (Attachement: RAMOLLI with different Barangay, Endorsement via NEDA Regional Office 9)



a. General Objective The goal of the job is to handle the recording of information, which may incorporate complaint information and event records in barangays to have a better and more organized submitting system. w. Specific Objectives п‚· To make a module to be accessed by the barangay in saving information just like complaints, incidents, and wood logs. п‚· For connecting the barangay module for the central machine through the net. п‚· To produce a TEXT module to deal with verification requests through TEXT MESSAGE.


Marketplace (User or " Client”)

The main consumer of the system will be the Barangay Council. One more module to be used by worried government agencies pertaining to data gathering and online surveys. The TEXT MESSAGE module works extremely well by people to verify the authenticity of barangay paperwork issued, at the. g. a company verifying the authenticity of the submitted barangay clearance by the applicant.


Service Explanation

The system is available through Web and SMS. The barangay module attaches to the central server through the internet. SMS module is manufactured available solely for confirmation of barangay issued papers.


Network Architecture and Block Plan Server Helps you to save data to Local Hard disk for temporary storage Will save you and retrieves data via server throughout the internet

Information about the complaint


Barangay Measurement with control code Application for Barangay Clearance

Automated Barangay Program


Range of incidents

Task Applicant

Law enforcement Station, Health Centers, Fireplace Stations

Figure1: System Architecture:...

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