The result of Mass on the Thickness and Volume of Objects

 The Effect of Mass within the Density and Volume of Things Essay

Joshua Berkebile


1st period

Density Laboratory

The purpose of this lab was going to find the mass, the space, the size and the elevation of four different cubes so we're able to calculate the volume and thickness of them. We also had to find the density of irregular styles by dropping them right into a graduated cylinder than subtracting the starting water quantity by the finishing water amount. Density is how much mass is in a specific volume of subject. Volume may be the amount of room that the object occupies. Mass can be how much subject is in a subject.

My speculation is that the mass of the object is going to result the denseness and the volume of the object. I actually also think that the length the width as well as the height will certainly effect the density.


-4 de (made of unknown material)

-1 25mL graduated cyndrical tube

-1 10mL graduated cyndrical tube


-2 cylinders (made of unknown material)

-rubbing alcohol

-baby oil

-dishwashing liquid


-triple beam stability

Part you - Thickness of Regular-Shaped Solids

Step one we utilized the multiple beam balance to find the mass of each cube. Step two all of us used the ruler to obtain the length, breadth, and elevation of the cube. Step three we multiplied the three measurements to get the volume of all cubes. Next step we divided the mass by the volume level to find the density.

Part 2- Density of Irregular-Shaped Shades

Step one all of us used the triple light beam balance to get the mass of the irregular items. Step two all of us found the quantity of just the water. Step three we properly placed 1 object at any given time in the graduated cylinder, located the volume with the water plus the object, which in turn gave all of us the volume with the object. Stage five all of us divided the mass by volume to obtain the density.

Portion 3 - Density of Liquids

The first step we located the mass of the managed to graduate cylinder making use of the triple beam balance. Second step we discovered the mass of the graduated cylinder as well as the liquid. Step three we deducted the mass of the particular graduated tube from the mass...

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